On average, Alex watches 80 minutes of digital video per day. Research has estimated that adults in the U.S. would watch this kind of duration of digital video per day in 2023.

Now, there are millions of others like Alex. Some watch their video content on Instagram, others on TikTok, Facebook or YouTube. The long & short is that social media video content has proven to create impact & connections with the masses. It also guides the decision-making process for customers.

Here’s something valuable for brands who realise the power of corporate video production for social media. Depending on the stage of your marketing funnel, different kinds of social media video strategies can be developed. Let’s see how. 

Stage 1 of Marketing Funnel: AWARENESS

Strategy: Let people know you exist

At the top of the funnel, potential customers become aware of your brand, product, or service. So, it’s all about letting them know (big & loud yet classy!) about your brand through various corporate videos.


  • Catchy educational videos that can enhance understanding of your product/service


  • Product videos showing ease, convenience & quality of your product



  • A video series with a person in authority helps educate. In this example, a doctor explains all about Botox.


Stage 2 of Marketing Funnel: INTEREST

Strategy: Drive curiosity and interest

Imagine this. You’re sitting in a restaurant & reading the menu card. How does a new dish catch your interest?

Many attempts are made for you to learn about a new dish on the menu. 

The description of the new dish ‘sounds’ tempting enough. After reading ‘overnight soaked moong dal with oyster sauce’, it’s time to give it a shot. 

Or, the menu card holds mouth-watering visuals. Again, it pushes you to give it a shot.

Or, you must have seen a video of an influencer trying new dishes and giving it thumbs up. 

Creating intrigue or curiosity works well to establish interest. In the world of social media, you may put out something intriguing that the audience can engage with. 

  • Partnership with relevant influencers to put out videos & contests around your brand
  • A promo video with an exciting quiz contest running on Instagram


Stage 3 of Marketing Funnel: CONSIDERATION

Strategy: Generate need

By now, customers have learned about your product. However, you need to highlight their problem & present your brand as the solution. 

At this point, customers are comparing your product/service with alternatives or researching deeper into your brand.

  • Problem-solution videos wherein the direct solution to the customer’s problem is presented. 

Problem: Lipsticks smudge. Reapplying lipstick can be tedious. 

Solution: How about a lipstick that stays on for 9 hours straight? Right from the office look to the evening party look, it stays with you.

  • How-To-Videos or Before-After videos help customers ‘see’ the solution. ‘This can be you if you try this product’ approach! 

Stage 4 of Marketing Funnel: DECISION

Strategy: Gather social proof

When the customer decides to purchase your product/service & the feeling of ‘we did it’ fills you. At this point in the funnel, conversion is achieved.

Now, you can generate content from the buyers itself. You can capture your customer’s reviews and testimonials in video format. These kinds of videos attract other potential customers who might be at Stages 1, 2, or 3 of the funnel. It tells them how they too can reap benefits from the product if they were to buy it.

Stage 5 of Marketing Funnel: ADOPTION

Strategy: Keep them in the loop

Customers need to be retained. Once they have converted, it’s important to keep them in the loop. It’s about showing them how they can make the most by purchasing your product and being in touch with your brand.

You might have seen how once you purchase a new product, it’s not long before you see the brand in your inbox or social media feed. 

Engagements such as webinars, how-to corporate videos, social media contests, email newsletters, and meet-ups are good adoption strategies. 

Stage 6 of Marketing Funnel: LOYALTY

Strategy: Inspire genuine love for your brand

This stage is about ‘not’ force selling. It’s about conversion through genuine love for a brand.

Customers develop loyalty to a brand through continuous engagement & honesty. Sharing inside workings from your office/warehouse/processes (behind-the-scenes), video podcasts with the founder, or user-generated content can help increase brand trust. 

If you already created videos in the past…  

Repurpose it based on your stage of marketing at the moment. With the right video editing & narrative, you can make it relevant for audiences even today. Twisted Frame Toronto’s video editing services bring relevance & life to any kind of footage. 

With the help of the correct keywords and performance marketing, you can always boost the posts to reach potential customers. 

Deciding real estate for your social media video content

If you already have an audience on a certain social media platform (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn), then it’s best to leverage them and take them across the 6 stages.

Here’s how every platform can help. 

Using TikTok for social media video marketing

TikTok is about snappy, short-format videos. When you need to post videos that are a mix of entertainment and brevity, TikTok can become your go-to platform.

Using Instagram for social media video marketing

While Instagram also works on the ‘snappy & short’ format, it also educates. Brands use it to offer quick education and updates. Running brand contests on Instagram is also appreciated by consumers. 

Using LinkedIn for social media video marketing

It’s an effective platform for B2B businesses to showcase their personality and products. High-quality video production is preferred for videos that go on LinkedIn. Corporate videos, promo videos, how-to-videos, or LinkedIn livestreams are great examples of what LinkedIn audiences like. 

There’s no strict rulebook for what kind of videos need to go on which platform! What is important is that it should support your objective. 

Start your social video marketing right away! 

Depending on the stage of your marketing funnel, Twisted Frame Video Production Services in Toronto can work out an efficient plan to reach out to your customers.