Your product or service can belong to any industry – healthcare, digital marketing or real estate. There is something common about all customers. Customers are constantly scrolling on their smartphones. 

You see, it doesn’t take too much to put out your corporate video to your perfect customer or prospective customer. But the video needs to push the customer to a kind of a transaction – attract, purchase, engagement or delight.

Once you know how video marketing can be the best asset to gain leads, retain customers and growth; it is limitless. It’s almost like having found ‘that perfect match’.

Let’s see how video gels with customers across industries. 

Videos provoke emotion to achieve a goal

Your brand’s goal can be changing as you move across marketing stages. It can be to attract, engage, close or simply delight your customer. 

What video does brilliantly is trigger emotions through stories to achieve these goals. A humor-filled video story triggers the release of dopamine. A story that brings out shocking revelations triggers the release of oxytocin or cortisol. 

Here’s an empowering video for Trissa sharing real-life stories of people and their weight struggles, and how they went onto find the confidence to believe in themselves once again. 

Videos give solutions to customer problems 

Customers are looking for solutions. Long-drawn text and fancy images don’t always give solutions in digestible, simple ways. 

A video is pretty much a deal maker. It can address any of the problems of the viewer in an engaging & effective manner. For instance, rather than simply showing the features of a bike, how can the bike make the viewer enjoy life more?

Or, how can I free myself from the constant fusing of bulbs in a lab? Let’s see how this video for Excelitas Technologies executed by Twisted Frame addresses it. 

Videos make life convenient for customers

Let’s assume a customer is new to your business. Which of the below will be the most convenient mode for him/her?

     Opt 1: Reading up a lot of descriptive text about your service/ product/ offering

Opt 2: Reading up a lot of descriptive text (& viewing a few images) about your service/ product/ offering

Opt 3: A 1 minuter video explaining it all – with colorful motion graphics, stories, people and emotions

Many place their finger on option 3. 

Even if you’re trying to put out a complex idea, product or concept; video does it easily & creatively – it can truly hold the customer’s attention. For instance, check out this video explaining Bausch health’s impressive work in human health.

Video easily incorporates itself into the desired social media platform

If you notice popular social media channels (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter), they are designed to encourage and promote video content to users. 64% of consumers claim that their purchasing decisions are influenced by a video

The good news is that corporate video production is for all pocket types. Technology has made the world of video production affordable as well as expensive. One can pick right from simple explainers, catchy motion graphics, 2D, 3D or go all out for a full-blown Disney-level gig. One can choose from a whole lot of types basis their pocket and yet drive the brand message.

So, no matter what is your pocket size, Twisted Frame is here to make the most efficient video that matches perfectly with your customers’ intent and interest. Give us a shout-out today!