There’s one thing which marketers can agree on, it’s that video is not only good for engaging with audiences but it can also help ‘sell’. In a recent statistic from 2021, 80% state that video has directly increased sales. 

Video helps to present your business communication in more receptive, quick-to-understand, engaging and memorable ways. Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies often find it challenging to explain complex concepts in B2B or B2C scenarios. Explainer videos are leveraged to explain complex concepts in a straightforward manner. It’s only when a prospect is clear about your product & business, can they invest time, money and energy with you.

There’s no doubt that a well-made video story piques the interest of the person on the other side. 

Video production companies and animation studios in Toronto have been executing videos for several business objectives – to inform, educate, engage or lead a sale. 

If you’re starting with video marketing, here’s how it can help. 

  • Customers love convenience. Video gives it to them

Even if you’re trying to put out a complex idea, product or concept; video format does it easily & creatively – it can truly hold the customer’s attention.

Now let’s see which is the most convenient mode for a customer who is new to your business

  • Reading up a lot of descriptive text about your service/ product/ offering
  • Reading up a lot of descriptive text (& viewing a few images) about your service/ product/ offering
  • A 1 minute video explaining it all – with colorful motion graphics, stories, people and emotions. 

Here’s one for Nuwiq– a medical educational video to highlight Octapharma’s hemophilia R&D and how it is improving treatment for patients. We used dynamic 3D models, compositing and animation to depict complex ideas such as how Factor VIII works in the bloodstream and its interaction with proteins.

  1. Businesses lack time. Video offers a quick understanding

It is no surprise that some businesses with great performing numbers have lost pitches due to ‘non-remote adaptive’ presentations. While presentations could work very well in the on-ground conference room set-up, they have been confusing people in the remote setup. 

With the work-from-home structure, reporting and pitch-making are occurring through the e-mode. Infographic-based pitch videos are the ‘new presentations’. These are a work of art as they deliver the company’s values and figures in a quick, easy-to-understand visually appealing summary. The viewer absorbs the information in a hassle-free fashion. Unlike a presentation, the viewer can view the video at a later point too without having someone to take him through it.

Many businesses are opting for infographic videos as opposed to presentations to apply for funding as well. There are other styles to make your video pitch gripping and worth a million bucks, right from the power of kinetic typography to the whiteboard technique that simplifies it all. Read up on the Best Corporate Animation Styles for Business Videos<b>.

Hands shake when people on both sides of the table are ‘all clear’. Precisely, when they understand each other completely. 

The major concern in the medical field is the complexity of medical concepts – be it for investors, nurses or students. Business videos help break down these concepts for potential clients in a simple way. Right from videos for product walkthroughs for doctors, improving patient engagement to medical video training for medical students. Here’s a detailed read of how animation studios in Toronto are benefitting the healthcare industry. Healthcare brands are using different corporate animation styles to drive objectives. It’s not surprising to know that the market size of animation is estimated to rise from US$ 247 million in 2020 to US$ 272.1 million by 2026

Check out a few of our business videos for the healthcare sector for brands such as Octapharma, Takeda, Uresta and many more. 

  • Video offers solutions to problems – in a more digestible manner

Customers are looking for solutions. Long-drawn text and fancy images don’t always give solutions in digestible, simple ways. 

A video is pretty much a deal maker. It can address any of the problems of the viewer in an engaging & effective manner. For instance, rather than simply showing the features of a bike, how can the bike make the viewer enjoy life more?

Or, how can I free myself from the constant fusing of bulbs in a lab? Let’s see how this video executed by Twisted Frame addresses it. 

Find out how your business can communicate with prospects and customers through the power of video production. Drop a line to Twisted Frame today.