Explainer videos are the bread and butter of every corporate video production. These help list your business goals, long-term objectives, and creative planning. Now, the question is, where does motion graphics implementation come in?

Toronto-based Twisted Frame is here to help you with quick explanations of these concepts and how they complement one another when creating brand videos. Let’s check them out!

Understanding Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are brief video ads for specific products and their brand. These short videos strategize best on a brand’s webpage and social media websites for more reach. 

Not to forget, your brand’s explainer can be any format you like. These include:

  • Live footage
  • Animated videos
  • Whiteboard, etc.

Understanding Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is an integral part of video production, thanks to its illustrious help with digital footage compilation, soundtrack, ad design, and various other multimedia segments. 

implementing motion graphics to your explainer video makes it more communicative and easy to grasp for potential audiences. Remember that “motion graphics” is just an umbrella term, as the diverse range of steps within it brings out perfection in projects. 

Why should you use motion graphics for explainer videos?

Most often, explainer videos and motion graphics go hand-in-hand. You can say together, these make for great infographic videos. 

When fusing both concepts into one, you can see your ad’s frame-by-frame footage slowly morphing into a fleshed-out advertisement that holds up your brand identity. 

To understand this better, let’s look at why you should use motion graphics for explainer videos:

#1. They are Easy to Sync

Motion graphics make it easy to create a variety of characters for explainer videos. It helps designers focus on other tasks, while graphic designers can tend to the professional aspect of bringing the ad to life. 

For example, let’s take a look at Valeyos corporate ad for their brand. As a well-known provider in the financial services industry, their explainer video showcases their services in detail through an efficiently presented video with animated characters and designs. 

The colors, smoothness and frame-by-frame integration make the video more marketable in the digital industry. 

#2. They are Professional (But More Fun)

As we know, there’s a subtle contrast between professional and cartoonish. But here’s a catch:

  • Overly professional advertisements are often boring
  • Overly comedic and cartoonish ads can get overlooked by big businesses

So how to fix it?

Thankfully, graphic designers can curate fun and professional ads in no time, incorporating business professionalism and light-hearted animations under one roof. Professional and creative explainer videos are easy to market over different platforms and can make the ads more indulging for various business communities. 

These videos are also more adaptive to different themes and trends, making them easy to tweak with simple video editing procedures. 

#3. Re-fuse, Reuse, and Recycle

As mentioned before, motion graphics add the re-fuse factor to explainer videos. No need to re-take a video from scratch, edit it, add new audio, new copy, etc. 

The visual and textual information you already possess in the original explainer can now be fused with more thematic information related to your brand’s identity.

Let’s check out the Koka motion graphics video, complete with the business’ services and soothing music that blends in with the brand’s identity. 

Motion graphics add reusable elements to explainer videos, such as:

  • Illustrations
  • Graphics
  • Editable copy, etc. 

Graphic designers can easily pluck out these elements, edit, and re-visualize them for an updated explainer video in no time. Since these components are recyclable, they can easily sync with the brand’s image and identity. 

#4. Unique and a Sales Enhancer

For a second, imagine your favorite food brand advertisement. What makes it so enticing and unique? The answer lies in motion graphics. Explainer videos with graphical representations of products make them more relatable to the general public and potential investors. 

These virtual footages help capture the vivid visuals of how the brand wishes you to see the product/service. Graphic designing can turn regular static images into a more scenic and exciting showcase. 

These videos can make your business stand out among the competitive crowd, especially if you’re part of a large-scale industry. 

Not to forget, explainer videos with motion graphics elements help to increase sales as they are adaptable to the market’s trending and current demands. Given the animated visuals, these videos can reach your potential viewers faster than any still image posted on social media. 

Boosted audience reach also promises a higher conversion rate, all through a quick explainer video. Additionally, it’s a cost-effective solution to making more immersive explainer videos that have quicker growth through social media. 

Meaning, motion graphics are a great investment to profit from, and can utilize these videos numerous times through small tweaks through a professional team of graphic designers. 

Get Your Video’s Motion Graphics Fix Today with Twisted Frame

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