A lot of marketers are moving away from the hard-sell pitching process. Instead, they are taking a value-based pitching approach – giving real value to the customer – through a correctly-done video.

So why is video gaining popularity amongst marketers in Toronto? Simply put: a video can provide for connective dynamism – wherein one can see, feel, hear and clearly understand the product.

We’ve been speaking to a lot of marketers, and here’s a compilation of the multiple takes on the need for video

#1 80% of traffic is online. Video works perfectly in the online space.

People are hooked in the online space – even in a shopping mall.  72% of people prefer video over text when learning about a product or service.

Statistics are blasting to a point that they’ve stopped sharing the number of hours of video watched by an average person not just in Toronto, but globally. Observe yourself. You use video to work with your team, to learn a new skill, a small little sitcom over dinner, a few clips here and there while scrolling across Instagram. It is endless. 

#2 Educate customers. Explain business operations easily. 

An intro video works to easily convey the information required to make a first impression. But what next after you’ve made your first impression?

Again – leverage the power of an intro video to showcase operations.

The goal is no longer to meet, network and generate clients in social situations. The goal is to leverage the online medium to say ‘what value can one bring to a customer/ business’. 

This begins by explaining how one’s product works. We’ve seen that video production companies often opt for the route of motion graphics or animation to explain their operations. And it works! 

Here are examples of different-styles of intro videos aimed to explain the operations of the product. 

RCB Mortgage 


#3 Create a personal connect greater than written emails and images

Due to the lockdown and restrictions, marketers cannot hold face-to-face meetings. The power of video is such that it can cover up for this missing element of ‘personal connect’. 

Through motion graphics and animations, you can create situations/ characters and give rise to emotions in the viewer. 

This type of personal connect cannot be achieved through a written email or image.

#4 Video is as real it can get in a remote B2B world

As humans, all of us crave connections and interactions. With most companies taking a remote approach, a video (intended for a B2B pitch) helps to keep pitches interactive and communicative. The use of animations, text, characters and music truly makes it receptive. 

Video is a versatile, fun and engaging mode to communicate information from one person to another. The best thing about video is that it isn’t going away anytime soon. The secret of any effective video is not how well it can sell, but how well it can display a positive value for the viewer.  At Twisted Frame, we’ve constantly been producing videos to get out versatile messages of multiple brands to their ‘newly shaped’ consumers in the COVID era.