Why is ‘video’ a part of almost every second campaign? Why exactly has the popularity of video content shot up amongst marketers & audiences?

Video has proven to deliver efficacy. Be it helping consumers learn more about a product, drive purchase intent or simply entertaining people in a manner that leaves a mark. 

Let’s find out more about the efficacy of video content done right. 

#1 92% of marketers consider video to be an important part of the marketing strategy

The main reason for giving video such importance is because it has received positive sentiment from consumers.

Consumers prefer watching a video as opposed to images or long-draw text.

However, it’s important to note that the video is done right, to bring great ROI.

Fluff and fancy messaging aren’t going to work in 2022. It needs to address the real problems of consumers. It needs to deliver real solutions to consumers. 

A fancy video ‘about a stove’ isn’t working. A fancy video ‘about a stove’s use’ is what can work.

#2 Videos helps in decision-making and driving purchase intent

Undoubtedly, videos deliver a human element. One can see, hear and truly feel the emotions. Videos don’t just explain the matter, but they deliver the required emotion.  

In addition to story-based videos, videos also guide and instruct. Explainer videos do this phenomenally well. Giving an in-depth understanding of a product’s functionality; consumers are receptive to explainer videos.

Few examples executed by Twisted Frame: 

Octapharma’s Nuwiq

RCB Mortgage Video 

#3 Increased watch time of consumers

People are watching more video content as a way to educate, learn and entertain themselves.

This gives companies a chance to utilize more video-led advertising models. Even on the B2B front, companies are using motion graphic videos, animation videos to make visual sales (instead of face-to-face sales meetings). An estimation states that on average, people will daily spend 100 minutes watching online videos. 

Industries that are leveraging video content

  • Architecture and design companies are leveraging the power of animation, 3D modeling to deliver ‘visualization’ to customers. Creative videos help people understand and visualize the product. 
  • The healthcare industry is using video animation to better patient engagement.
  • Industries such as automobiles and packaging are opting for motion graphic videos to explain their products and ideas to clients and investors.

At Twisted Frame, we’ve constantly been producing videos to get out versatile messages of multiple brands to their consumers. 

Do you want to educate, reinforce or entertain your audiences in 2022? Let’s have a chat as to how your business can leverage the different video types through our Toronto video production and motion graphic services