The year 2020 has surely been a roller-coaster. Businesses across industries have been facing challenges and unfortunate declines. Billion-dollar bankruptcies filed by leading fortune brands can only tell us what mid and small sized companies in Toronto must be going through. 

With all the videos that we were executed by Twisted Frame, we realized that the video wave did shake up the year for the better. With remote comforts provided by animation studios and video production houses, businesses managed to create awareness, engagement and sales (B2B and B2C) through video. Video consumption on mobile took a whopping hike! 78% of people were viewing online videos every week. Land youll be surprised to know that the percentage of people watching online videos every day was more than half (55%)!

Video communication has definitely passed the test of keeping connectivity ongoing even in a time of crisis. But, it has also made a lot of businesses realize that if leveraged correctly, it can hold immense opportunity in 2021. Companies find investing in video marketing effective simply because of the below 3 factors: 

  1. Drives brand messages in receptive ways. 
  2. Helps attain a visual sale. Even if face-to-face sales meetings arent possible, digital videos bring in human touch qualities – of sight, sound and feeling the emotion and communication.
  3. Fits several pocket sizes. With the varied styles of video live-action, 2D motion graphics, 3D, animation, medical illustration, explainers, whiteboard animation, video editing stock footage and earlier footage; it can successfully work for different budget sizes. 

Lets see how video can upscale your business objectives in 2021: 

  • Motion graphic explainers to make a visual sale

Getting back into action requires the same approach like earlier: to be able to see, hear and feel to make any sales. Sales, marketing and business development teams arent able to go to the field to make any sales pitches. 

However, your prospective client will still need to see, hear and feel your product offering. A video provides for this connective dynamism. 

For instance, if youre manufacturing boxes, your video now will not just be your earlier corporate video. It needs to go beyond simply showcasing specifications of the box or the quality, the know-how to manufacture and so on. The video needs to make a visual sale. Using animation and graphics into the corporate video, such as 3D models of the product to present an in-depth of understanding for the buyer. 

  • Create your virtual showroom

Visits to a physical showroom have definitely dropped. But this shouldnt impede sales. 

Automobiles have great shot at providing a virtual experience by combining video with VR.  Mercedes Benz has already run a campaign that allows customers to see a 360-degree interior view of the GLB SUV. 

Through video and VR, consumers can take a world-class virtual experience, tour of a bike right from choosing its s colours (and seeing their colour option on an e-modelled car on screen), to test driving it on multiple terrains. 

Walkthrough videos are also making this possible for automobile brand. 3D modelled videos not only depict the products look, but also help customers experience the product. This can be strategized for mixers, refrigerators, mattresses and beyond as its potential is limitless. 

  • Interactive videos to connect with consumers

Now, the seller who is investing in digital technology holds an upper hand to serve his reshaped essentials and entertainment needs. Through digital scaling, the business can help him make his purchase from the comfort of his home. Marketing strategies are heavy using AI, interactive video production and digital video led tools. 

Banking technology is geared towards Natural Language Processing (NLP), serving customers via chatboxes and offering value-based investments. Early education is using Animation-led gamification and video content to promote its curriculum and help children learn. Fitness, yoga, dance and cooking studios are launching YouTube video channels to continue their classes.

# Tip on going forward with video _ for every small business owner.

Times can be trying, and it is understandable that not all businesses will be prepared to right away invest in high-end video technology. How would a small furniture business, foundation repair company or local retailer of musical instruments amongst many other smaller businesses leverage video? 

Get the video to speak unique value. 

Corporate video production takes the voice of social value here. Say, a creative director of the production studio can craft a strategy to accrue user-generated footage. The shooting phase is adapted to the new era of lack of crew gatherings, wherein each talent shoots in their own home being directed over video-conferencing. 

In the case of a local retailer of musical instruments, it can a campaign structured to source musical talents across Toronto. Users do not only bring out emotion of art by showcasing their indoor musical performances, but can share the know-hows of instruments: such as, how different types of guitars in the market can bring unique values to the art of music. This footage is put on the edit suite wherein the video editor edits it, in tandem to the creative direction of the director. 

3 things to keep in mind for your brands 2021 video: 

  1. Be very clear on what is the objective of your business (increase awareness, increase leads, or sell online)
  2. Get the video to speak unique value. The truth is that people care as to whats in it for them, and now how amazing your brand is. 
  3. Find the right video style that matches your objective and budget. 

No one could imagine that last year could change a humans mindset drastically. Well, thats how the script of life panned out. Lets re-assess your consumer. His demands and priority charts have reshaped. His finances are geared towards essentials, health and wellbeing of family. He shops via online means. He prefers his entertainment at the comfort of his home. If you can successfully address the new consumer in 2021, youve hit the bulls eye. Drop a line to Twisted Frame and wed love to execute a powerful video for your business objectives in 2021.