By now, I’m sure even you would have seen the viral video of Adam Hammond, University of Toronto’s assistant professor. His appearance with his co-star cat has bagged thousands of views. One might think that how could a video simply showcasing a cat and a professor go this viral. However, if you analyse it deeply, it has all the secrets which videos that help boost conversions hold- right from length, CTA, storyline, relevance to choosing of the portal. 

The professor felt that online learning in U of T can sometimes make students feel really cut off- which is true for just about anyone. He planned on making it up for this missing human element. 

There are only two ways that digital marketers and video production companies can go about videos on landing pages: either make it boom or bomb. If executed in the right way, a video on a landing page can increase conversion by a whopping 80%. 

Before we share the secrets of how to get it right and boost landing page conversions. Here’s what NOT to do.

  1. NEVER opt for long videos. Forbes stated that most prefer watching instead of reading. Our experience states that, even during watching- attention is limited.
  2. NEVER miss out on the (ONE) call-to-action. People feel lost without knowing what they need to do after investing their time in watching a video.
  3. NEVER randomly decide where to place the video on your landing page. Only certain sections work – where it is visible easily and no scrolling is required. Go above the fold. 
  4. NEVER miss out on opting for auto-play of videos and email automation for follow-ups. 

Now, here’s what to do to get crazy conversions on your landing page.

  • A video which promises value and education

Great! People are landing on your landing page. Next, they invest time in watching your video. If they don’t receive any value or conviction out of the video (be it a fancy one), it amounts to immediate drop-off. 

You see the journey from clicking the link > landing on the page > clicking a video is long in the time of content-influx and abundance. The video content better be worth this long journey taken by the prospective customer. 

Not only does this increase on-site engagement, but sign-ups too.

Here’s how to provide value in a video:

  • Address the consumers’ problem so they can relate and realise that ‘your product is a perfect fit for them’. 
  • Address the solutions (or at least few) that your product offers.
  • Directly show the customer ‘how easy it is to use’ the product instead of fluff ‘about’ the product. Here’s how we made a value-evoking video for RCB Mortgage at Twisted Frame.


  • Aim for top-quality videos

High production videos with amazing scrips perform much better. These visually appeal to the consumers, increase click-through rates and conversions.

A high-production video largely reflects on the professionalism and style of the brand. Hence, ensure to have a great script, production set-up (camera, lights, etc.) and creative video editor in place. Here’s the algorithm that makes your video editing stand out among all.

Quick note to NOT slow down loading time: Compress your videos without quality loss through handbrake before uploading. This will help not to slow down your page’s loading time. 

  • Use one C-T-A in one video

Many marketers don’t realise this, but they end up confusing the visitor with multiple messages. This kind of unclarity causes a high drop-off.

Each time, stay clear with the C-T-A used in your video. 

It is to ‘buy now’, ‘download now’, ‘lead to another link’ or simply ‘like’?

Now, many might wonder that directly pushing people to buy isn’t appreciated. Absolutely – it isn’t! And that is why your storyline should be crafted smartly.

Here’s a promo video executed by Twisted Frame for Excelitas X-Cite LED wherein our C-T-A is a clear ‘buy now’ even without saying ‘buy now’. We highlight as to how LED can save you tons of time and money, do away with the constant need to change fluorescent bulbs causing warm ups, followed by a brilliant a price offer and website to purchase from. All the ingredients to ‘buy now’.

Let’s connect and create videos that can work as engaging magnets to double conversions for your business.  

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