Amidst Toronto’s lockdown, video has been helping companies meet their objectives – right from educating customers, making visual client sales and investor pitches in the absence of face-to-face meetings, promoting customer testimonials and much more. With the holiday season approaching, purchasing intent of customers is at its peak. Brands do want to reach out to customers at this time. Through a sweet narrative-styled video, we delivered this message across for Excelitas. 

The power of video during this pandemic is unimaginable. Even if video production on floor temporarily halts, remote options such as video editing, motion graphics and animation have worked their magic to deliver brand communications. Here’s another promo video for produced for Excelitas through graphics and animation. 

Video production companies and animation studios simply need to make a video that can sell the business – directly or indirectly. If all is done correctly, let’s see the amazing results that can be reaped. 

  • Increased e-mail click-through rates – at least by 65%

The power of video is hands down unbelievable. This is because simply having the word ‘video’ in your email subject line has shown increased click-through rates. With an almost 19% increase in opening rates, the word ‘video’ works like a trigger. 

Now, that you’ve got the customer to view your email- place your strongest pitch within the vide. Try not to confuse them by promoting them to take multiple actions. So, ensure that your video script prompts only a single call-to-action 

  • Increased conversion rates through product videos

Video helps customers retain information better than simply hearing information. If they hear something, they will retain about 10% of the presented information 3 days later. However, when they have watched something ‘gripping’, they tend to remember at least 65% of the presented information 3 days later. 

With something dwelling on someone’s mind for this long, it does help in conversions. 

Product videos help enhance customer experience as well. Consumers could take a world-class virtual experience, tour of the car right from choosing its seat colours (and seeing their colour option on an e-modelled car on screen), to test driving it on multiple terrains. Maybe even see that high-end shirt on models of all sizes right before their eyes to aid their purchasing decision. Providing them with written matter to only read measurements and a few shirt images clicked from various angles for the amount quoted; isn’t justified anymore. 

Customers are more likely (around 65%) to buy a product after watching its product video., a houseware e-tailer reported that viewers were 144% more likely to buy after having watched their product video.

In order to know how to make this happen in detail, check out our blogpost How is video production boosting lead generation and conversion action?

  •  Sales even during lockdowns

Why would people not purchase high-end clothes, automobiles or even electronics? One reason, of course can be to conserve monetary saving reserves. But what about the ones who had already planned to make this purchase until two months ago? Who is addressing this huge market of people waiting to make their purchases? 

And the larger question is: what is making them uncomfortable to purchase online, without having experienced the product? They are valid in their skepticism of the quality of the end-product which they will receive at their doorstep after paying their hard-earned money. They’re worried as to how will the brand ‘justify’ their demand?

But what if, sitting in their living rooms, people could be sure of what they’re ordering: just as they do with their groceries. For instance, here’s a business video made for RBC mortgage showcasing as to how one can easily renew their mortgage. The video presents a simple-to-understand online tool demo using neat and fast-paced motion graphics and illustration. 

At Twisted Frame, we’re all about helping you make a video that can bring conversions for your business. Our video production, video editing, motion graphic and animation services complemented with a business approach have made it happen for clients across industries. 


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