After ideating, brainstorming, and creating the perfect corporate video for your brand, it’s time to head towards the most important task, video editing. 

Editing a video is like adding fondant and toppings to a cake. It removes the cracked surfaces, adds the correct color splashes through the flavored creams, and amps up its visual beauty with sprinkles, edible glitters, and more. All in all, video editing is fine-proofing a video and making it seamless for social media launch and brand recognition. 

So, what’s the most important part of editing a video? For starters, there are not one but several aspects that go into making your brand’s advertisement stand out. That’s why professionals from Canada-based Twisted Frame have some fantastic tips for your corporate video production to help edit your video to perfection. Let’s begin. 

Tip 1: Choose Your Best Shots

Which shots caught your eye the most during their takes? Which ones perfectly sync with your vision? Make sure to add them to your post-production video editing. 

These are the shots that convey your brand’s message, portray your company’s services, and help viewers relate to you the most. They need to transition smoothly with your vision. Such shots also enhance your corporate video, making it more presentable than the video during the production stage. 

What helps find these footage is to first sort them in files and label and mark them according to sequences. From these files, ignore shots with blurry effects, poor audio and sound quality, and imperfect sequences. 

By doing this, none of the bad takes go into your post-production video editing, and you have more time to work on the shots that best serve your brand. Of course, ask for your team’s feedback on every shot you remove from the final step. 

Tip 2: Edit Your Audio

However amazing the audio sounded during your corporate video production stage, it’s time to check for imperfection. 

These imperfections can be a slight and unwanted background sound, like someone sneezing mid-take. It can also be the usage of an incorrect sound effect like a funny sound mistakingly put during a serious scene. 

Such errors can be serious or nearly negligible. But it’s always best to remove them to avoid any post-launch social media flak. For this, be ready to retake several shots and edit the audio transitions and sound effects. 

Sound and audio need to be crisp, smooth to the ears, and transition alongside your shots. Take a look at the corporate video for OK Poland. Here, you see how the video’s scene transitions and the audio works perfectly with each other, taking viewers on a journey. The better your audio quality, the more enhancing shots for your audience. 

Tip 3: Voice Acting is Key

For corporate videos with a voice directory, always opt for the best voice actors. For this, choose those who have a diverse range of voice acting skills and are well-known in the industry.

Voice acting and brand identity go hand in hand. How your audience perceives your advertisement depends majorly on how they hear the brand’s message. For example, a video on medical emergencies needs a voice that sounds soothing and informative in sharing tips for these moments. 

A voice enacting the joys of summer travels needs to be jolly, excited, and playful. Choosing the right tone to go with your video will do your corporate ad justice. But what if you didn’t choose the right voice actor initially? 

For these moments, talk to your team and professionals and see to hire someone else for the post-production retake. This might be an overhead on your budget, but the returns from a successful launch are always larger. You can edit in this voice to blend well with your sound effects, background music, and the brand message. 

Who knows, thanks to their innate talent, this artist might become the go-to voice for your company. 

Tip 4: Pour Your Heart in Visual Effects

What’s the work of visual effects in a video? Let’s check out this video by Toronto’s Twisted Frame for Ghost Collector Sizzle. The video begins with some spooky and hard rock visual effects with each person’s name and introductions. 

Visual effects help set the mood of a video, with this one’s being spooky and a little unconventional than others. And that’s what makes it stand out among other informative videos. 

While editing your video, look for those moments where visual effects might add in the oomph factor. They can be in the beginning, at the very end, or during the introduction of your brand’s products/services. 

And whatever you do, make sure the visual effect follows the theme of your video. For example, a corporate video on a clothing brand needs to follow up with stylish and trendy visual effects. Similarly, another video on the advantages of medicine needs minimal visual add-ons but enough to make each scene transition easy to follow.

Given its importance for your corporate video production, always ask professionals to help with this step for video editing. 

Edit Your Videos Perfectly with Twisted Frame

All in all, these tips can help you greatly enhance your corporate videos. Make sure to work alongside your production team, and always discuss changes so everyone’s on board with your ideas. 

And as always, for the bit of professional sprinkle, do not forget to check out Twisted Frame and contact today