With time, motion graphics in explainer videos are a great tool to showcase your product. It’s visual, informative, and more vibrant aspects when holding brand identity. So why not use this trick for corporate video production?

Think about it: you want your brand to shine on social media through steady reach. For this, you curate a bombastic display for marketing to your potential clients. Now, you can either:

  • Click a picture, edit it, post it, done & dust it. Or,
  • Shoot a video, add vibrant motion graphics features, and bring your product to life.

Motion graphics breathe life into marketing and give products a much-needed makeover before taking center stage. It’s a fun-mixed bag of various marketing treats like 3D animation, live-action snippets, animation, and more.

So, what’s the best way to make this happen for free? For moments like these, Toronto-based video production company Twisted Frame has your back with some tips and tricks. When you take a professional’s help in perfecting motion graphics, these are the best ways to set your ad in motion. 

#1. Start With a Video Script

The first rule of thumb for motion graphics and video editing is to keep a script ready. Think about everything you want to add, for example:

  • Dialogues
  • Music
  • Action

Scriptwriting is the base of motion graphics creation. It’s a list of everything you want to add and paves the direction of your video. That being said, try keeping the script simple. You might excitedly write a script that the future-you would find too challenging. 

Now, your narrative can be one of the four ways, as stated below:

  • Quest
  • Viewpoint
  • Linear
  • Non-linear

Quest will involve various synced dialogues, while viewpoint scripts will keep your viewer’s attention in place. Linear scripts are great for beginners, and non-linear ones work perfectly for motion graphics that leave something for the imagination. The best example of non-linear would be perfume ads. 

With the script in hand, the world is your oyster. 

#2. Create Your Motion Graphics Storyboard

Now that you have your script ready, it’s time to put together a storyboard. But what purpose does it serve? It’s the gateway to your visual imagination, where you can draw out your script for a more vivid representation. 

It can be as simple as Octapharma’s video production of Simoctocog Alfa by Nuwiq, which aptly describes a medication’s needs, benefits while throwing light on its targetted client base. 


The video showcases vivid globules merging and floating off to represent the human body’s inner workings. It creates an amazing representation of the product’s perks. 

A great, well-articulated storyboard can boost your motion graphics project into a phenomenal advertisement medium for your brand. Now, Keep in mind that a lot of brainstorming is of utmost importance. 

Simple also needs some creativity, so don’t be scared to splash in more visual effects, more animations, and even more story to your growing graphical prodigy. Who knows, your storyboard might add more to your script. 

#3. Design Your Ideas

It’s finally time to put your ideas to the test.

You have your script, you have your sketches ready, and now you can finally let the graphics take wings. During this final animation stage, keep in mind a few crucial factors:

  • Your brand guidelines
  • The star of the show: your product
  • Your design choices, and
  • The creative idea behind the product’s motion graphic video

With these in mind, it’s time to get animating. You need to start with the most impacting factors in the intro. It can be the music, the animated characters, or even the brand’s logo that takes center stage. 

Keep in mind that there’s more than just video editing. You’re curating a piece of graphical representation of your brand’s most recent or most popular product. This means your idea, however niche and fantastic, needs to be on-brand. 

Hence, be ready for repeated video editing, removing, and re-animating the motion graphics till it sits perfectly around the brand/product in question. 

Keep your visual notes handy, add other’s suggestions within them, and implement them only if you find space within your creative vision. Finally, with a clear mind, you can curate the most perfect motion graphics for free that enhance your brand name and identity like never before. 

#4. Checklist Every Detail One Last Time

Checklists can save you from the most difficult issues that you can encounter. And when it comes to animating graphic motions for your ads, keep in mind, the following:

  • Music: Music is especially crucial for motion graphics. Say you are brainstorming a product promo such as the Eclipse promo video production. Notice how the music is present, but subdued to highlight the animation, the script, and the ad’s crux. What binds them together is the music. It fills the gap and enhances the bigger picture for the viewers. 


  • Timing: Is your ad too fast-paced or is it moving in a snail’s laziest strides? If it’s too rushed, your viewers might not get the ad’s meaning or the visual’s story. Too slow means they’ve already moved on to something better. 
  • Sound Effects: Your mixed audio, music, and timing- all come together to compose the best sound effects. It can be a sneaky drum roll in sync with the brand tune. Or it can be seasonal, like a holiday jingle with the brand’s symphonic identity. 

Let’s Curate Your Motion Graphics Video Production Today

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