Video production is no easy task. You start with curating your vision, sprinkle in your team’s creative process, add the fun elements of lights, music, and themes, and voila. You have a corporate video production process right at your fingertips. 

But as you might know, a process is most efficient when broken into multiple sections. You wouldn’t get the tastiest cakes if you throw in all the ingredients together and hope for the best, right? 

Similarly, video production is a 3-step-process out of which 2 steps are of utmost importance. They are:

  • Video production
  • Video post-production

Now the question is, what is production and post-production? A professional company such as Twisted Frame from Toronto will tell you that both processes will pave your marketing success. So, let’s delve into their intricacies and elements and understand their value. 

What is Video Production?

There are 3 steps to video production:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production

The corporate video production process includes shooting the advertisements, recording them, and getting all the right shots to add to the final composition. 

Remember, these videos are what promote your brand identity all over social media. This step is to gather all your raw footage and check if your ideas, visions, and sound effects are top-notch. 

Now, various elements go into the video production process. These include:

Lights, Camera, Begin Again

The camera is an integral part of the video-making and video-editing process. Setting up the lighting, cameras, and the set-up is your first step towards bringing your visuals to reality. It’s truly the most exciting step in the corporate filmmaking process. 

Actors Got the Part!

Informational videos need informational figures, such as actors on set. Their voices, behaviors, and actions in your script can bring literal life into your advertisement and your set. 

Let’s take the example of this branding video for RBC Mortgage by Twisted Frame. This video shows actors of all ages benefiting from the brand’s offers. The video also has animated informative snippets of the product’s features. 

It’s a great way to wrap up an ad that showcases a brand, its benefits, and an overall theme to glue it all in. 

Voices and Animations

What makes a video pop? Well, for starters, it’s the voice actors who beautifully curate an ad’s voice with theirs. Let’s look at this efficiently curated launch video for OMNICURE S2000 ELITE by EXCELITAS. 

It’s a blend of animation and acting, as well as a prominent voice that holds your attention for the product description. Not to forget, faint music in the background encapsulates the ad’s aesthetics. 

When you have all your components perfectly aligned, it’s time to head towards the post-production stage of your corporate video. 

What is Post-Production?

After you wrap up your production, in comes the video editors, soundtrack mixers, graphic designers, VFX artists, and many more. These are the essentials of post-production video editing services. 

Everything that you’ve been working on comes together and gets refined, graded, and perfected for social media and advertisement launches. During this process, you can streamline the videos, cut out unnecessary details, and even add proper action sequence to sync in the production. 

During this time, constant reviews of footage and transcriptions are a must. So, as before, the elements that make post-production videos possible are as follows:

Logging and Assembling all Footage

The first step is to log in all the footage, the good, the bad, and the cringe, into one spot. You need to keep every bit handy for last-minute changes. These include all the bad takes, misread lines, and sub-standard performances, which might help you later. 

You have to sort them, label them, and secure them for the producer to review. Now keep in mind that this process can take a few days to complete. So make it your priority. 

Confirm Your Music Selection

The 2nd step is to bind all the components with music. The right composition makes your advertisement set sail. Check out the soothing background music finalized for the BatchPro Connect. It goes great with the advertisement, as it does not distract viewers from the informative voiceover. 

The incorrect choice of a music track can repel viewers from a corporate video, removing the chance of potential clients. 

Rough, Fine, and Final Cuts

The last part of the post-production video editing can be divided into 3 parts. 

  • Rough Cut: Many editors cut, fine-tune, and put together a rough version of the video
  • Fine Cut: The film’s individual frames are fine-tuned, tweaked, and optimized further. These include re-taking a few shots, re-positioning lightning, etc. 
  • Final Cut: This part is all about color correction, graphical editing, and tightening the film into its final form. 

Get Your Video Production and Post-Production Sorted Today

Whether you’re ideating the best visuals for your ad or fine-tuning the end result before the promotional date, Twisted Frame from Toronto has you covered. Their professional steps to turn your vision into reality are truly unmatched. Contact Twisted Frame today and modify your corporate ads.