We all have some favorite ads. They can be about food products, vacations, clothes brands, you name it! But what makes them so compelling and unforgettable? 

How an ad explains the usability and benefits of a product is what makes it so unique. And that’s what explainer video production is all about. These videos are perfect for social media marketing and boosting your visibility online. But how do these work?

Today, to help you understand this better, Twisted Frames professional services from Toronto dissect the types of explainer corporate video productions, how to make one, and what makes them a brand’s core voice. Let’s begin!

What Exactly are Explainer Video Productions?

Explainer video production deals with short-form sales videos meant for marketing a brand and its offers. It highlights what the business provides as services, ideas, seasonal offers, and more. 

You’ll usually find these videos in the landing page section of a brand’s website. Many brands post these on social media for more brand recognition and visibility. 

Let’s take the example of the Bausch Health brand and podcast corporate video. This explainer video showcases everything that the medical facility stands for, is proud of, and is excited to offer. It’s an all-rounder advertisement for any brand. 

These videos carefully explain the core messages to potential investors. These would be:

  • Who we are
  • What we offer
  • What we can do for you
  • What are our aims for the future

Video editing and touch-ups pre and post-productions are crucial to ensure these messages are loud and clear to all viewers. 

Different Types of Explainer Videos

The type of explainer video production you want depends on what you are advertising, for whom, and the type of business you hold. For that, there are 3 types of explainer videos, namely:

  • Live Audience Explainer Videos: These videos utilize tons of creativity to bring an ad to life. Such videos have many people and props to better explain what the video is about. Additionally, there’s also a spokesperson (likely the CEO or a paid celebrity) who highlights what the brand is about. 
  • Crowdfunding Explainer Videos: These videos are perfect for brands marketing a crowdfunding campaign. A well-curated video can bring in lump sum of funds in no time. These video productions have a spokesperson, lots of creative virtual actions, actors, and props to make everything more robust. 
  • Animated Explainer Videos: Animated video productions are mostly educational and informational and range in style, creativity, and branding. These aim for the viewers’ visual interest, making them more of a brand’s passion project. Now, there are many types of animated explainer videos, such as:
    • Infographic: These videos use tons of graphs, charts, scientific finds, and icons to explain through statistical data. 
    • Product Simulation: These video productions use software to digitally cast an actual product in action, broadcasting their benefits.
    • Chalkboard: You’ll find this style mostly for formal explainer videos. The visuals include a chalkboard where the advertisement writes or draws the brand’s product explanations on a board. 
    • Motion Graphic: These are 3D-animated videos that recreate the products, props, and all usages through motion graphics. These advertisements are creative and help to build a solid understanding. 
    • Characters: These explainer video productions use cartoon characters or real-life actors who enact how the products or a business have affected them and made their daily lives more convenient. 

For a better understanding, check out the corporate animated video for Eleven Store USA to better understand how explainer video productions work. 

Steps to a Successful Explainer Video Production

Here’s a quick guide to creating explainer videos for a brand:

Step 1: Finalize a Video Style

A great video style is paramount to any advertisement. So, take your time to understand the brand’s style, tone, and services before choosing a video format. 

The format you choose has to sync with the audience and help them relate to the product’s benefits. These options can be:

  • Screencast videos
  • Live-action videos
  • Animated video
  • Stop-motion project, etc. 

Sit with the business and showcase your ideas, to finally choose a format that best suits their needs. 

Step 2: Keep a Script Ready

Now that you have a gist of what the brand represents- it’s time to pen down your script. These written words are what your visuals will recreate. So make sure to include crucial milestones like:

  • What product is the brand selling?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What problem is the brand/product solving for this said target audience?
  • What steps does the product take to solve the issue?
  • How to acquire the product?
  • Are there any offers or discounts on the product?

While a 1 or 2-minute video might best encompass all these details, try keeping your video script short and to the point. 

Step 3: Record, Edit, and Arrange

The last step is probably the most crucial of all the steps for explainer video production. Now that you have all the information at hand, you can start compiling them into the required visuals. 

For this, start by adding data, graphs, music, and all required audio and video input into the mix. Always remember that video editing and performance tracking can help polish the video for a more enhanced result. 

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