If you’re a beginner in the field of corporate video production, this guide is for you. When it comes to video editing for your brand’s advertisement, a lot of different components work together. But how to edit a video to make it most useful?

When editing a video, you’ve to integrate the brand’s image, SEO, production assets, and media knowledge to curate ads that stay relevant and longer on social media. 

To help you understand these concepts better, Toronto-based Twisted Frame, one of Canada’s best video production companies, has a few tips and tricks to share. So, without further ado, let’s check them out. 

Tip 1: Short and Sweet Takes the Views

Thanks to several social media platforms, and their short video content, the attention span of viewers has become more limited. Hence, curating a video from them required more strategies. 

These strategies include shortening videos but including the core details within a concise few seconds. Take a look at Twisted Frame’s work on Crowded, for example. It’s short, to the point, and gives a glimpse of what the company has to offer. 

Not to forget, it’s vibrant, musical, and follows a peppy theme to share information with millions all at once. What makes this video stand out, is the short-form content format that it follows to reach out to prospective clients. 

Short-form videos have an upper hand when it comes to staying within its niche. With a limited time frame, you cannot add too much information to your script. Moreover, it helps to stay on point. 

Tip 2: Change of scenery

One of the common mistakes in corporate video is to keep the camera focused on speakers for too long. Think of a video which describes a medical discovery. If a scene involving the orator talking goes on for too long, it might bore the viewers. Thankfully, there’s a way out of this mundane issue. 

When a speaker states their lines on-screen, instead of lingering on their person for too long, cut to a different yet related visual. It can be a zoom-in on the product they’re describing. It illustrates the speaker’s lines and lets the viewers peek into the product/service of interest. 

You can also add some animations over the product, such as pointing out the benefits on screen, and scenes that show how it helps the user. Cutting away from a speaker, and transitioning onto a different scene, helps to hold on to the viewers’ attention for longer. 

Tip 3: Music is the Soul

Music is the bread and butter of every video. Without it, your corporate production might feel mundane, however exciting the visual content is. The correct and thematic tunes not only improve your scenes but also help the viewers connect with your advertisement. 

But adding music is not the only part of the production. During the editing process, remember to check if the music syncs with your scenes. Out-of-context tunes, glitchy sounds, and excessively loud or hushed music are a few of the many errors that you shouldn’t overlook. 

Hence, when working with editors, listen to the ad repeatedly to check for any similar issues. Editing a video requires tonnes of effort and time, so make sure you’re satisfied with the result.

An ideal example of this tip would be the video for Eleven Store USA by Twisted Frame, Toronto. Notice how the thumping music creates a feeling of sports, agility, and action. The tunes work well with the product and make you want to wear the shoes and check its high-performing services. 

Tip 4: Story First, Message Later

Every ad has its story. It’s what drives the story forward, and helps viewers feel at one with the visuals and the brand’s core message. And since the story is what builds up your product’s usefulness, make sure it’s at the very first of your video. 

A great story engages the audience and turns your product’s perception into a god-sent helping hand for all. Integrating its usefulness into your advertisement’s story can make an idea impact on the audience. Not to forget, the story bridges the gap between your brand and its products/services. 

And for the story to make the most impact, choose the most relatable scenes and transitions in your video. If you find any portion distracting away from the ad’s primary focus, edit them out. A more concise video, like your final cut, might be more impactful on social media platforms. 

To understand these better, you can hire professionals to help you understand the core priorities of your corporate video. 

Make Video Editing, a Smooth Ride with Twisted Frame

Now that you have these core tips for editing a video for your corporate video production, it’s time to make the most use of it. It’s always a good idea to get professional help to improve your brand’s identity in the market. 

And for that, you can rely on Twisted Frame to get your brand name shining! Contact us today for more information on corporate videos and the best ways to produce them.