Have you noticed how certain ‘trending’ edible treats are enjoyed?

Enjoyed well, but temporarily. The trending dish for the season might be a wonderful fusion of two Canadian delicacies, but almost overnight we forget how it really tasted like. 

However, we always want to relish that authentic khao soi from Khao San Road – irrespective of age, location or season. We remember just about everything about it- the flavor, the sweet goodness of ingredients, the tenderness of the meat and probably even the colour of the bowl it was served in.

In this new era, it’s the same law that works for video marketing. The phase of mere ‘trends’ is over. There might be a ton of ads out there – all aiming to get your attention. But you might not be able to even recollect one simply because they are still stuck in the passé formula of ‘working on trends’.

Today’s consumers need real value. Video production companies and animation studios are being hired by advertisers to create videos that can sustain and not disappear in the flash of a trendy jiffy.  

Long-term sales need to be addressed. And for the same, it needs to begin by creating videos that have a strategy for the long-term. 

Let’s find out how.

  1. Present long-lasting solutions in your video

Real-value isn’t about showing montages anymore. It’s a more problem-solution time now.

The problem with problems is that they keep re-surfacing- for ages. For instance, scrubbing stains from vessels has been ongoing since the era of our grandparents. Back pain caused due to bending has been a potential problem for everyone who bends (literally- anyone can get it).

The need for gaining a status-symbol is also a problem. 

It’s your opportunity to tell how your product is the best remedy. Products must outline, highlight and dig-in these ongoing (long-term) problems and solutions. 

This way the video remains relatable for a long time. 

Check out how we did presented solution in the Excelitas X-Cite LED Promo showcasing the problem (the constant need to change fluorescent lamps) and the solution (switching to LED to undo this constant effort). This type of video strategy can proudly be used across the years (or, say until the full world switches to LED). 

  1. You don’t need one hook. You need many.

We’ve worked with a ton of couples over a ton of years. The biggest learning has been to ‘never mess with the story. If not it gets messy’

If you’ve lesser than 3 seconds to capture the consumer’s attention who is scrolling across his/her feed, then you need to have a catchy hook. 

Be it in your storyline or edit: you need to write hooks everywhere. It’s easy for consumers to distract and tune out, so you need to make sure your storyline speaks in an engaging fashion. 

This takes us to the opening shot. 

  1. Make sure your establishing shot is stellar

Let’s re-emphasise this again because it is important- the first few seconds matter a lot. First impressions matter. Make sure your opening shot is the hook for your entire video

Its good to drop a hint of what they can expect from the video: is it a fun story, thriller tale or emotional piece. 

You can also present a problem-solution type story wherein the first shot reveals the problem/pain-point being faced by your customer (Do you want to protect your familys health?) then present them with the most apt solution—your product or service. Typography is the tool to pick here. 

The options in content have been rising by the day. Online traffic analytics have been surging ever since the lockdown. 45% of people are watching more than an hour of videos on Facebook or YouTube per week. This also increase chances of audiences tuning out if they dont find the content interesting or useful right from the first shot

  1. Sustainable videos have strong call-to-actions

Videos can do more for a consumer than simply ‘watch and stop’. Videos with friendly call-to-actions can engage customers for years to come. 

Also, from a sales point, videos that convey the call-to-action is a smart and receptive way are powerful to generate leads and sales. 

Let’s have a chat as to how your business can create videos meant for the long-run through Twisted Frame’s  Toronto based video editing, video production, animation and motion graphic services. 


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