Did any of you catch a glimpse of the giant Borat floating neat Toronto’s Harbour front? We thought it was quite an epic swimwear. 

And, also an iconic marketing strategy for the Borat movie premiering on Amazon Prime Video. 

Now, it’s getting ‘normal’ for movies to premier or play on OTT portals. It has become lucrative to launch movies, businesses, products on the web. How come? There surely must be something powerful about it. 

It is the hotspot of the audiences. It is where they are (at least several hours in a day). Going door-to-door isn’t practical anymore. The internet gives us the power to filter out our target audiences and direct the right ads to them.

The ROI on video campaigns has been rewarding. 

  1. Video is an engaging and entertaining format to hook audiences and drive leads. People are receptive to videos. The click-through rate went up by 65% simply by mentioning the word ‘video’ in the subject line of emails.
  2. Video is shareable across boundaries. A visual sale can be made, even in remote times. A B2B or healthcare company can explain its product in an in-depth and straightforward manner.

However, this year, video is aimed to drive certain other objectives and results for businesses. Video production companies and animation studios in Toronto have been executing videos for either one of the below businesses objectives.

  • Educating the target audiences

As per Hubspot, 97% marketers estimate that videos help people understanding products. 

Video is an easily shareable ad format on the web. It helps break complex concepts down. It conveys human emotions_ one can see, sense and hear the video as if it were a person talking (just more entertaining). Voila- a product is easy understandable!  

Detailed and simple-to-understand video walkthroughs though motion graphics bring great value.

Here’s how we simplified concepts for the below brands in order to present objectives in an engaging manner to target audiences.

RCB Mortgage

BatchPro Connect 

CCH AnswerConnect 

  • The power of ‘flexibility’ in video

Video is a world in itself. There are kaleidoscopic types right from live action, motion graphics, 2D, 3D, explainers, infographic, VR videos, etc. 

Due to the plethora of options, businesses have a wide choice to suit varying objectives. This is precisely why 81% of businesses are now using video for marketing

  • Great Search Engine Optimisation Partner

Videos are picked up perfectly by search engines. Why so?

They are seen as valuable content offerings and high-quality.

Webpages integrated correctly* with videos rank higher. 

*Correct integration of videos within webpages should entail sufficient & apt keywords, powerful meta descriptions and a strong title. 


  • Video delivers high conversion rates

Due to all the points mentioned above, video production boosts lead generation and conversion action. Here is an in-depth read of how. 

90% of consumers admit that a video helps them purchase. 

Tips for best business boosting videos

  • Let the narrative communicate real value of the product. 
  • Draft a solution-oriented storyline. How can the product solve a problem in today’s times?
  • Do a perfect job at video editing. Edit on a story instead of timelines. Check out the perfect video editing algorithm to make your video stand out. 
  • Do add in correct keywords, powerful titles and meta descriptions for the video. 

At Twisted Frame, it’s our business to drive yours through the power of video. We’ve used video to drive sales, leads and business growth for our clients. 

Using video that has a soulful narrative in the correct manner can drive sales. We’ve seen it happen for a host of our clients across sectors such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, insurance and real-estate. Let’s have a chat as to how your business can leverage from the different video types through our Toronto video editing, video production, animation and motion graphic services. 


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