Your brand’s commercial video production needs to be a captivating affair. From the visuals and background music to the vibrancy, if you have these elements under your belt, you’re set for commercial success. But what are these key aspects of corporate video production?

Given how innovative and thoughtful you have to be for captivating corporate video production, it’s crucial to learn some key strategies to get your gears in grinding. And with the best tips from the professionals from Toronto-based Twisted Frame, you know you’re in good hands. 

So, let’s dive deep and unearth some of the most useful aspects of commercial video production today. 

#1. Strategize Your Pre-Production

According to Statistica, online videos had 92.3% online audience reach internationally. And this can be your brand’s success story too, if you plan out your pre-production strategies. 

Pre-production planning is the bread and butter for commercial video production. And there are lots of things to plan out. For starters, what is the key message that your brand/product wishes to convey? And who is the target audience for your services? 

Most importantly, what are your business’ long-term short-term and long-term goals? For this, market research, survey insights, and employee feedback can help curate a perfect script to finalize the corporate video. 

All you need is some time and resources to gather all the information you need to complete these tasks. Planning out pre-production not only keeps you informed on what lies ahead but also reduces unnecessary production and post-production costs for ad content. 

And now that you have the correct information and a goal to create a brand story and an ad fitting for your potential clientele. 

#2. Make Your Graphics Speak

High-quality motion and graphic designing can make the best of your brand’s corporate video. These help convey your message through captivating cinematography and ensure clarity in your services. 

When your video is appealing to the crowd, you can expect a higher conversion rate without any setbacks. Let’s take the example of Twisted Frame’s corporate video for Interac Fraud Prevention motion graphics. 

The video utilizes both animated as well as high-quality recorded graphics, syncing them for a smooth flow of information. The colours are soothing to the eyes, while the video summarises the brand’s services in detail without bombarding the scenes with excessive texts or voice-overs.

All you need are skilled professionals who know how to capture the best visuals with stunning cinematography, smooth camera movements, and top-notch video editing skills to take over your project. Only the best graphic designers, photographers, visual editors, and media producers can take your script and dip it in gold for an excellent result for brand video productions. 

#3. Let Professional Editors Connect the Dots

A corporate video is like a bridge that connects your thoughts, goals, and services to your clients’ lookouts and curiosity. Such a bridge needs to have a solid base, a sturdy construction, and a visual aspect that makes it worth crossing. 

And here’s where editors can lend their hands and utilize their creativity for a high-scale professional result. They take raw footage and remove the needless details, scenes, and sounds, making it perfect for social media launches. 

Thanks to editors, your narrative is exactly as engaging as you envisioned, while the video pace and transitions stay on-point without any lags or glitches. Not to forget, the editing process involves integrating relatable sound effects, background music, and more marketable content to make the video more appealing and emotionally impactful for the audience. 

All in all, editors boost your online social media engagement with tactical involvement, ensuring the video catches the attention of potential clients and investors alike. So make sure they’re on your team. 

#4. Make Your Content Visible on All Platforms

One of the most crucial parts of commercial video marketing is to launch it on various platforms. This way, you can promote your brands, products, and services through professional digital marketing tactics. 

Now, each social media platform and its algorithm works differently. This means you need to optimize your video uniquely for multi-platform launch, ensuring the algorithm catches it for public view. 

The first customization aspect is about time. While some platforms allow longer ads, many social media channels opt for short-form content to adhere to their viewer’s likings. The more diverse your video format, the better reach and conversion it gains upon its launch. 

Commercial exposure is crucial for a brand’s corporate video marketing, which means a tactical approach to distributing among multiple social media platforms can help your business identity soar high among its competitors. 

A great example of this is the Octafarma PCC video by Canada-based Twisted Frame. It captures all the vital medical details about their services, all while keeping you engaged with informative content without taking too long. 

Improve Your Commercial Video Production with Twisted Frame Today!

Now that you know these four key aspects to improving your commercial video production, the sky’s your limit! And for all the professional elements best added by the best in the market, contact Twisted Frame today and learn all about their corporate video production today!