Is your video being viewed by your neighbours in Toronto?


  • It’s alright if they aren’t the target audience.
  • It’s not alright if they are the audience. 

Just about 64% of the people residing in the same community as you (let’s call it the local community) make purchases after watching a video. 

If the people living behind your fence (who match your brand’s target audience) aren’t able to access it, then you’re surely missing out on the common yet MOST EFFECTIVE (bold usage is a must since it is highly effective) video production & marketing strategies. Unfortunately, most video production companies and animation studios assume that the brand or agency is the one to take call on the ‘strategy’ and they simply go about producing it – dot to dot. It’s important to speak up about enhancements in script, edit style, structure and duration, and not be afraid of ‘hurting’ your client’s ideation or ego. At the end of the day – it’s about putting out a video that can reach audiences and drive results for the brand. 

The secret is that the most effective video strategies are pretty simple. Probably, so simple that marketers and media agencies tend to ignore the power of it and clearly miss out. 

Typing from the headquarters of Twisted Frame – we’re here to make you realise this power in order to make most from the video. 

  • Seriously – keep it short! 

You must have heard this time and again – downplay the duration. Keep it short. The truth is that it’s not only about the ever-dropping attention span of audiences. 

There is one more aspect: the call-to-action.

A lot of brands make the mistake of plugging in many call-to-actions (which in turn increases the run time of a video), it confuses viewers. Are they supposed to buy the product, share the video or simply forget about it?

Keep the video below 2 minutes and plug in ONE call-to-action. This is especially for video types such as explainers, product demos and how-to videos.

Here’s a simple-to-understand explainer video made by Twisted frame for Batch Pro Connect. 

Right from explaining the challenges faced by consumers, offering the solution and one simple call-to-action; it seamlessly explains everything about the app.  The USP as functionality is engagingly narrated in less than 2 minutes. You wouldn’t feel it’s rushed at all. Check it out. 

  1. Write a script that speaks unique value

Times can be trying, and it is understandable that not all businesses will be prepared to right away invest in high-end video technology. How would a small furniture business, foundation repair company or local retailer of musical instruments amongst many other smaller businesses leverage video? 

Get the video to speak unique value. 

Corporate video production takes the voice of social value here. Say, a creative director of the production studio can craft a strategy to accrue user-generated footage. The shooting phase is adapted to the new era of lack of crew gatherings, wherein each talent shoots in their own home being directed over video-conferencing. 

In the case of a local retailer of musical instruments, it can a campaign structured to source musical talents across Toronto. Users do not only bring out emotion of art by showcasing their indoor musical performances, but can share the know-hows of instruments: such as, how different types of guitars in the market can bring unique values to the art of music. This footage is put on the edit suite wherein the video editor edits it, in tandem to the creative direction of the director.

  • Leverage all the power of the edit suite

Theres more power in an editing suite than you can think.

  • Leverage the movement magic. You can move your camera on the suite. Say, minimal movement for an interview/ b-roll frame. Temporal parallel (walk and talk with the camera following you) for a documentary. 
  • Explore zooms for a scene that requires energy. 
  • Work on colours, saturation, exposure.
  • Render high-resolution 720p or 180p HD.
  • Get all your keyboard shortcuts at the tip of your fingers. Experienced editors whove been long enough in the business know that every second counts.
  • Negate noise from audios. Make use of sound effects and follies
  • Set the export formats exactly as per medium of release (social media or television) to avoid red flags later. 

With remote video editing being preferred due to COVID-19, there’s so much to leverage from. This blog post reveals 4 things NOT to miss at all in this new remote video editing setup to reap best benefits. 

You must have heard (and hopefully experienced) that the biggest joys in life are derived from the smallest of things. Similarly, the most effective video strategies are simple. Most marketers find it difficult to implement the simplest of strategies – how to keep it short? How to bring real unique value to the narrative? How to make magic happen with smart video editing? 

At Twisted Frame, we’re all about helping you figure your way through all the above questions. 

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