Let’s visualize a scenario at your workplace. You’re almost finished shooting a brand new corporate video of your dreams. The shots went well, the music sounded like you imagined, and the themes and backgrounds were on point. Now, it’s time to edit out the nasties. 

Why is video editing one of the most crucial stages of corporate video editing? For starters, it helps to remove the unnecessary bits of the video, such as glitches, bad music quality etc. Additionally, while editing, you might need to correct some shots in the final drafts. 

To help you understand these tidbits of editing, Toronto’s Twisted Frame has some tips to share. Let’s check out some things to remember during your post-production stage when video editing is the top priority. 

Tips 1: Trim Extended Shots

If your clips are too long, you might lose viewers’ attention. Moreover, having minimal information within an extended shot is vague, confusing, and can distract from the brand’s message. 

So, it’s best to trim away the unnecessary bits to keep your viewer’s gaze at pace. This way, they can rest their attention on your ad, without losing focus midway due to the unwanted extended clip. 

These shots can be footage that doesn’t adhere to your corporate video’s guidelines, a wrong take, or maybe the background audio was out-of-place. Often, you’ll find parts that don’t sync well with the rest of the shot or don’t follow the overall video’s pace. 

These portions are more distracting to our senses. Hence, it’s best to snip them out. For that, you need professional eyes and ears to look through your shots, pick out the longer scenes, and trim them down to blend with your final corporate video. 

Tip 2: Balance Out Your Audio Levels

Distorted sounds, voices, and music can make corporate videos distracting. If your viewers can’t make out what’s on their screen, it can tank your entire project. Hence, it’s crucial to balance out your audio levels for a smoother auditory transition. 

For this, you must record the most high-quality audio bits and work to edit those to fit into the final video. These bits need to be audibly resounding, easy to the ears, and make for perfect audio for your video. Remember, balancing out your audio can help ensure a steady pace for the video and make it launch-ready on all social media platforms. 

But what if there are imbalances within the finalized audio? For these, get help from professionals to balance voice, music, prop noises, and background for your shots. For example, you might find a scene where the lighting, voice acting, and colors are perfectly balanced, except for the background music. 

It might be too fast-paced, loud, or even the incorrect track for the scene. For these moments, the best idea is to restructure the bit so voices and music are equally audible for all. Making such adjustments can amp up views for your video, making it instantly trendy. 

Let’s check out Twisted Frame’s work on Octapharma. Here, you’ll find all voices are clearly audible. And thanks to the messages on-screen, the messages sent across through the people on-screen are easier to understand. 

Tip 3: Integrate Captions

While this may seem time-consuming during post-production, adding captions can help market your videos to a large audience. And why so? 

Captions in different languages make corporate videos internationally accessible. They also help share your message with people with auditory disabilities. Not to forget, captions help fix pacing problems in the final video, helping your audience catch up with your scenes during transitional scenes. 

As for fixing audio issues, let’s take the example of a final video with errors. If there’s a scene where the voiceover becomes slightly distorted or softer due to the background music, captions can help. 

For those who might have a hard time figuring out what the voice actor or the actor is saying, they can read the captions to know where the video is heading. That way, the video transitions smoothly without any sensory hiccups. 

Moreover, adding captions makes videos more memorable and has more retaining value. Viewers will remember your brand’s corporate video due to its addition of captions to make it more welcoming for people from all over the world and anyone who cannot hear too well. 

Adding captions through professionals can help you remove any errors from the audio-to-visual transitions, and keep the video transitions smooth, and on-point. 

Ask About the Best Video Tips from Professionals Today!

All in all, these are some of the most crucial tips for editing your brand’s message for corporate video productions. They’re more of sure shot ways to ensure your video is sensational on social media, with zero errors and 100% in sync with market standards. 

And if you’re looking for professionals to help with your corporate videos, Canada’s Twisted Frame has you covered. Contact today and learn more amazing tips on video editing today.