Explainer videos have come a long way. When it comes to corporate video production for a business or brand, explainer videos are quite a staple style. However, it’s disheartening to see many see it as only to showcase features of their product. Or, a quick template when time’s crunched. 

With our experiences at Twisted Frame, we’ve seen how explainer videos can change the game for any business if they’re not seen in this limited light. 

An explainer video is NOT….

#1 It’s not to introduce a concept. But, simplify it

Many feel that a video can help introduce a concept. It’s not merely to ‘introduce’ a new concept but simplify it. 

Explainer videos are the best bet to introduce products and services that can even hold 1% complexity in them. With the host of content on our feeds, it is very easy for our attention to divert. The complexity of concept further worsens it. 

How do explainer videos simplify understanding for consumers?

  • Explainer videos bring in emotion and connect through a colourful play of characters, colours and graphics.
  • Explainer videos explain problems and solutions through stories, in an engaging narrative style as opposed to the long and dragging reading material approach.
  • Explainer videos highlight the key messages and Call-To-Actions. One cannot lose it in a well-made and seamless explainer video.

Check out these gripping explainer videos for BatchPro Connect as well as RBC Mortgage produced by Twisted Frame.

#2 It’s not to harp on features. But to solve customer’s problems 

Many mistake an explainer video for a ‘feature-showcase’ video style. Knock Knock. It’s 2021. If your explainer video cannot tell that you care about the customer or solve customer problems, then it’s of no avail. 

For instance, if your brand is a dish-washing liquid. Your brand understands the difficulties involved in multitasking amongst home chores, work duties, kids and families. Your dishwashing liquid understands this very multitasking pain point. As a result, the technology used within helps remove stains faster. This can help one wrap the dishes quickly and leave some time for oneself to relax. Identify what features of your brand truly care for your customer. 

#3 It’s not to make a hard sell. But understand 

Let’s introspect. Say, you’d like to cook brown rice next week. You open the online shopping browser to order it. A ton of brands selling brown rice appear. 

Two important processes have already occurred here:

  1. A lot many products and services are available online.
  2. There are ample choices to pick from. 

Marketers need not ‘sell’ to their consumers anymore. It’s about how to get the consumer to pick your product from the ocean of choices. For this to happen, consumers need to ‘understand’ your product in an engaging, receptive or entertaining manner. 

A video helps provide for the three thematic objectives required to help consumers understand a product. 74% of people said that if they could see the product in action through an explainer video, they will purchase it. (Wyzowl) Based on your brand, you can choose what can serve best: it can be an entertaining live shot video, or an animated video showing the product in action. 

If you’re on the lookout to make your next explainer video, drop us a line at Twisted Frame. We will study your business objectives and accordingly advise the best video approach, narrative and format to attract customers. 

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