Just last year, didn’t you feel mind-boggled after watching that movie wherein mankind is struck by a pandemic? Not to deny, it is goose-bump evoking and challenging when a movie script plays out in real life.

So, what is the alternate to the video industry?

Nothing absolutely, as it is an essential. Wondering how does it qualify as an essential?

Video production is the ‘information-carrier’ as well as the ‘cure’ for mental distress.

Here’s the upcoming marketing plan for video production.

The savvy and quickest information torch

Globally, each sunrise holds a multitude of new nuances. Government authorities, healthcare companies, food retailers etc. need to communicate crucial information to people just about every day. The use of video animation, motion graphics, video editing is the need of the hour; more than ever before. Right from medical videos to public service announcements to explaining as to how to order groceries in a contactless manner, videos are carrying this torch globally.

Skyrocketing video shooting

Who said shoots have halted? Drone-based shoots are skyrocketing.

City municipalities are using high-flying technology to capture and monitor areas with the help of drones. Drone shoots don’t require a mass crew gathering, and the footage is monitored on a screen; not via the eye-view. FMCG factories are using corporate drone footage to present their production & manufacturing prowess and facilities to let governments know as to how they can contribute with supplies.

The Era of ‘Press Play’

We’ve entered a new scene: an era which is ‘more digital than ever’. Older generations, who until a month ago would carry shopping bags to purchase their grocery supply, or travel miles to purchase that couch; just got (promoted or demoted) with the mischievous millennials; not out of their choice. Sorry ma!

They enrolled into home-schooling wherein the textbooks are shoppable video explainers. Innumerable e-commerce brands are putting out explainer videos to teach this age-group as to how to download the app, how to order, shop, pay and beyond. Education for this age-group is an essential.

Let’s take a tour_360 degree video

How can consumers purchase new products and services without touring them? And how can one take a tour without stepping out of their home-sweet-home?

The 360-degree video and VR technology hails as the mighty winner. Allowing consumers to choose which angle they wish to view simply by physical movement or clicking the mouse _ it has appealed to real estate, automobile as well as healthcare segments. Virtual reality had already been incorporated in industries such as extreme sports and gaming, but now it can prove to stand efficient for healthcare as well. Displaying pharmaceutical equipments, training guidelines for medical staff; all of it can be conducted through such simulated videos.

A new approach to tell stories

The shooting crew modality may have changed, but the impact of a story hasn’t. Mental energies have gone bonkers at this time. People need positive stories to tackle each day. You may have seen on your Instagram feed that a lot of mental health professionals, training coaches, fitness trainers are making video content for people across the globe. You’ll be baffled to know a lot of these are being professionally executed by video production companies. These videos are directed, edited from different spots on the map. The artist being the mental health professional, trainer of fitness coach. Industry experts predict that a soaring 84% of internet traffic is going to be commanded by the kaleidoscopic power of video.

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