Dieting In The Digital Age  – Virtual Reality VR

Of course, we don’t iterally mean eating your video, DVD or favorite interactive game, which by the way is low in calories, tastes bland and is extremely difficult to digest.  What  we do mean is putting your new diet theory, innovative exercise routine or recipe for good health on video, which makes it extremely accessible for everyone to use as a teaching tool and for practical use.

According to researchers, the formula of a balanced diet + regular exercise = good health.  This creed must become a part of everyone’s lifestyle in order to maintain their weight, health and well-being on a long-term basis.  What better way to do that than to have a video, especially with interactive components that viewers can click on as a motivator and guide to managing their best selves

Psychologists state dieting is more about making behavioural and lifestyle changes, so these changes become habits. Substituting healthier foods and increasing the level of exercise should be everyone’s end goal.  Incorporating one change every two or three weeks will eventually make diet and exercise effortless, once these changes stick.


But in order to make changes one has to recognize their current weakness, habits and patterns of behaviour, and an interactive video that lets a person log details will assist everyone in this endeavour.   An interactive program also allows the user to select foods that come with the calorie counts and exercise that lists the number of calories burned to ensure calories expended, and weight loss.

Of course, everyone has their depressing moments, stressful times and binge-eating days,  where an interactive video that includes a pop-up menu that indicates some alternatives or solutions one can do instead of motor-mouthing large quantities of food.  To take it one step further, a virtual reality trainer or counsellor can always be added to your video to answer questions, provide motivation and assist people at any time, whenever needed.  This provides convenience, saves travelling to meetings and time that should be spent on better things, such as walking, biking or engaging in a sport that will improve circulation, relieve stress and re-energize its viewers.


A few diet and exercise tips to improve weight loss include: checking food labels for  ingrediants.  Avoid food with high saturated fats,  fructose corn syrup, too much sugar and high sodium levels, and flavorings such as MSG, which play havoc with harmone levels and trigger hunger pangs.  Try to keep  meals balanced with five servings of fresh fruit and vegetables daily, so that your diet is high in fibre, which fights cancer and heart disease.  Pack additional fruit and fresh vegetables for snacks. Increasing the good fats, such as sunflower, olive and coconut oils will improve the immune system and reduce the bad saturated fats.  Eat red meats twice a week, with lean meats like chicken, fish and turkey, as well  as other healthy proteins from dairy and vegetable products, like beans, lentils and whole grains.  While this may seem like too much information to remembe– it’s not, especially, if it’s conveniently placed on a tablet, which can be visually scanned in seconds, while shopping and searching for answers.


Researchers state too many people consume most of their calories after 7 p.m., and in front of their television sets and computers.  A sedentry lifestyle is one of the largest contributors to weight gain, so exercise is extremely important, whenever it  can be fit it into a schedule.  For those who are not early risers, try to schedule the final meal of the day a few hours prior to sleeping to make time for walking, stretching and burning calories from the last meal.  A Dancer-cise, Yoga or Pilates video for those rainy days will help keep a diet on track, especially if  weight-loss goals are set with a friend or group, and this can easily be transformed to include a virtual reality VR friend or group.  Three-dimensional motion graphics can also illustrate certain muscle groups that benefit during exercise for a video that makes a lasting impression.  This is especially beneficial for different types of training and instructional videos for kinesiology and medical science professionals.

Keep on track by scheduling exercise routines on an interactive Day Planner on a tablet to ensure activity is firmly entrenched in the user’s lifestyle.  In a few months, viewers will be amazed at their newfound appearance, energy and sense of well being.

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