Your creativity is what makes video productions shine. Of course, we need the help of AI here and there to clear out some issues almost invisible to the human eye. However, trusting AI with every part of production is like letting a cat guard your house while you’re gone. 

Let’s first understand where we need AI the most. Its functions work best to analyze and detect within the corporate video production process. It can take care of your tedious tasks while you use your creativity to make each ad happen. But why’s that?

And that’s because AI doesn’t hold the emotional bandwidth or creativity humans hold. Our brains are beautiful and thriving with new ideas, concepts, and theories each second, which we use for creation. AI utilizes its functionalities to train, automate, and learn through us. However, it can’t do every task for us. 

So today, Twisted Frame, a renowned video production company in Toronto, will help us understand where AI lacks and how we should take up the apron. Let’s begin. 

Imagination: A Human’s Cuppa Joe

As mentioned before, our mind is a beautiful and expansive unit. Hence. It’s a crucial part of creating new stories and scripts for brand videos and promotions. And this is something that AI cannot compete with.

When the writers’ team put their minds into a story, they create characters, settings, plots, climaxes, and much more. We can draw from our experiences, add imaginative portions, and brainstorm literal award-winning scripts in no time.

Not to forget, we hold the most powerful element, which is our experiences. Our ability to utilize almost everything we possess to create storyboards bursting with creativity is something AI cannot automate.

Of course, AI can assess the script, detect grammatical and language errors, and proofread it. Its ability to analyze data and provide us with workable feedback is what helps writers complete their tasks faster and more efficiently.

How Does Human Production Look Like?

For example, check out this ad video for Excelitas Holiday Promo by Canada’s Twisted Frame. It follows the holiday-themed story of children sending letters to Santa Claus to share their wishes. It showcases our childhood yearning to wish for the best presents during Christmas and hopes we receive them on a fateful night of snow and happiness.

As humans, we can tug at our viewers’ sentimental strings, all by adding relativity and emotional depth to our stories. We have the power to express our emotions most effectively and creatively, fitted for the brand promo campaigns. 

Human Creativity Wins Hearts

Let’s remember that AI, as helpful as it is, is a forever-learning software. It’s always taking in informative input and automating from its available data.

Hence, creativity might not be its strongest forte. We, as humans, hold the power to be intuitive, make complex decisions, demand changes in existing concepts, and even add input to the production process.

However, AI cannot produce the same creativity and passion as us. It can, of course, help us fix errors in our audio production and video editing, and even transcribe our scripts. It’s a helpful software which can bring efficiency to the team. Sadly, it cannot copy how we think, hear, see, and feel. Our minds and emotions are complex matters which help us visualize and conceptualize. These are the date which AI train from but cannot replicate.

It Takes a Village

Not to forget, creativity is not a one-man job. We work as a team with designers, editors, writers, producers, actors, sound developers, musicians, etc. Additionally, we divide our tasks to accomplish every corporate production task and develop unique scripts and films for the media.

We value team brainstorming, empathy, and collaboration. It’s the only profession where too many cooks might better the broth. And as humans, we can always train AI to learn new things within its capabilities. 

The ‘Post’ Round: Editing VS Human Touch

Editing is handy during the post-production process the most crucial and 3rd part of video production. As we discussed before it’s the ultimate boss battle in the industry. But without it, we can never move forward.

One of the best examples would be the Microsoft Windows 8 Commercial ad. The transitions, the music, and the movements, as well as, how the video progresses alongside the marvellous track by Sona Mohapatra, is a clear-cut example of humans’ creative genius. It’s an unforgettable chunk of the marketing world.

Can AI Replicate Human Creativity?

Professional production teams can manage and create unforgettable engaging visual and audio narratives in a heartbeat. AI, however, might be lacking the concept of colour correction, motion tracking, editing stories, etc.

But don’t mistake it for its incapability to help us in the production tasks. AI can effectively sort out data, target and remove unnecessary bits, and help with helping you create a thematic video. It’s up to us to add the finishing touches, stories, and visual angles that make corporate ads that resonate with your target viewer base.

Another fine example would be the concert ad for Stephanie Martin. Its seamless audio and fantastic scenes of musical magnificence showcase what humans can achieve if they create videos that instantly pull in the audience. 


If you’re worried that AI is coming after your professional stride, there’s no need to. AI can always learn and help our actions without taking over our passion.

We can always teach AI different ways to conceptualize and correct our corporate ads. But our mind is a powerhouse which cannot be replicated. So if you want the best to look out for your corporate video needs, Twisted Frame has your back. Contact us to know more.