It’s been pretty challenging for businesses in Toronto. Even if shutters are down; businesses ‘continue to connect’ – be it with their customers or clients. But one cannot miss out on continuing to connect with their staff. It is very important to keep your staff driven. Their commitment and energy levels matter to your business. 

As a business, you need to move in ‘unity’. Videos are a great tool to unify in times like these. 

This is why corporate video production (for staff) has also increased in demand as companies need the touch of ‘feeling, hearing and seeing’ to connect to their staff – more than ever. 

Let’s see how your business can ‘continue to connect’ with its staff through effective corporate video production & animation.

#1 Teach skills to ‘restart’ in your video

The world is changing quicker than imagined. Be it with turning more self-reliant and efficient with home chores, addressing work tools or growth; everyone is in the need of new skills or aiming to enhance earlier skillsets to extract maximum potential. 

Evaluate if your video story can equip the staff with new skills. Of course, a lot of businesses focus on skills ‘only meant for work ‘ such as how to turn more efficient with online team collaboration tools such as Asana, zoom and the likes. 

However, we’re talking about the 360-degree approach to teaching skills. 

If you are a car repair company, can you teach DIY skills for automobile maintenance through an instructional video?

If you are a brand that sells bakery items, can you teach the skill to cook some unique dishes to your staff? 

(If you can) It will be nice to send them some of your baking ingredients or goodies – on the house. 

#2 Staff training videos  

Let’s take the example of the medical and healthcare sector. The pressure has been immense, and the change has been faster than ever. 

There have been new introductions/ new softwares/ collaboration tools within the communications of the medical network: doctor-nurse, doctor-patient, patient-receptionist, clinic-pharmacy and so on. With a digitally-driven capsule being injected into almost every department, the staff has to be continuously trained to bridge gaps and serve in the best manner possible. Right from managing backend, patient histories, online consultations, tracking treatment plans to acquiring medicines – all via online modalities. 

Healthcare explainer videos can explain this virtual move to staff in a step-by-step fashion. Right from basics of how to log in to accessing records, measuring samples, reporting histories, tracking treatment plans and placing new medical equipment orders. 

#3 Videos for the mind

Companies must stay in touch (i.e. communicating besides work) with their teams to keep morale high. They can be experiencing depression or feelings of loneliness. 

Now, of course many will not be comfortable opening up to their seniors, colleagues or bosses. This is why a video sent on WhatsApp/ email is best suited. Seeing the face of your employer (be it on a screen) and him/her asking you to stay upbeat is a required relief! 

You can loop in counsellors to share mental stability tips with your staff. 

#4 Update videos

You can share update videos with your team to tell them about the newer adaptations made in the company for the new era. For instance, a video showing how you’ve inculcated ‘efficient remote methods’ in your business. 

This is how we do it at Twisted Frame

Instead of manoeuvring with hard disks across studios, newer telecommunication modalities have already been adopted. High-frequency computers to speed up file sharing. Its now possible for us to transfer data between computers without having to use physical media. This is how in addition to the simple and no-brainer ‘boosted wifi’ approach:

  • File sharing via peripheral devices
  • Boost network topology through routers, cost-efficient packages
  • Increase storage capacities by external servers

Irrespective of what is your business, it’s all about sailing through the good times and the tough times – together.