Perks of using video instead of photo for your business website in 2021’

It’s that time of the year in Toronto when marketing budgets are being planned. However, it’s crunched unlike any other year. There is only so much budget – so might as well invest it in what gives best results!

If you’re still stuck with only using images, photos, stock images for your website; you’re actually spending a very high opportunity cost. This means that you’re not looking at the best possible options to get maximum returns. 

There’s a ton of A/B testing being done by marketers. It has been observed that adding videos to your website or sales landing page helps converts viewers into customer. Conversion rates have been boosted by almost a whopping 86%. 

Corporate video production gives better growth at better costs, this means that it bears a lower opportunity cost. 

So let’s dive in and find out…

Compared to images, how video production aimed for a business website gets more traffic and conversions?

#1 Corporate video helps in achieving a reduced bounce rate = better ranking on search engines

Let’s simply this for you. When visitors leave your website without even having viewed the other pages, then you’re the victim of a high bounce rate. 

Having an engaging video helps people stay longer on your website, and go onto actually execute the call-to-action in the video. Studies have shown that correctly-done videos (be it corporate animation or live action) on landing pages retain visitors for longer and this gives the website a better credibility on popular search engines. 

This is why video marketing is extremely impactful in Toronto! I’ll say – quite a favourite choice amongst most minds! 

#2 Simplifying the complex concepts (which cannot be done by images) 

Complexity of concept is enough to drive away visitors from your website. While images simply concepts upto an extent – again let’s remind you. There is only so much budget – so might as well invest it in what gives best results!

Explainer videos are the best bet to sell products and services that can even hold 1% complexity in them. 

How do explainer videos simplify understanding for consumers?

  • Explainer videos clearly highlight the key messages and Call-To-Actions. One cannot lose it in a well-made and seamless explainer video.
  • Explainer videos bring in emotion and connect through a colorful play of characters, colours and graphics.
  • Explainer videos explain problems and solutions through stories, in an engaging narrative styles as opposed to the long and dragging reading material approach.

Check out these gripping explainer videos for BatchPro Connect as well as RBC Mortgage produced by Twisted Frame.

Here’s more on how to repurpose your video content for the new-era-digital marketing. 

#3 Video helps make a visual sale through a ‘connective dynamism’

Sales, marketing and business development teams aren’t able to go to the field to make any sales pitches. Getting back into action requires the same approach like earlier: to be able to see, hear and feel to make any sales

However, your prospective client will still need to see, hear and feel your product offering. This is where a video provides more of connective dynamism, which is lacking in photos. 

For instance, if you’re manufacturing boxes, only showcasing images might not work for sales. It needs to go beyond simply showcasing specifications of the box or the quality, the know-how to manufacture and so on. In this case, a video can help make a visual sale. Using animation and graphics into the corporate video, such as 3D models of the product to present an in-depth of understanding for the buyer. 

Let’s highlight a few key points before the wrap-up: 

  • Think of your audience first. Then, write a video script. 
  • Ensure your digital video story holds value for your audience.
  • Tell how ‘you can help’ to solve their worries, instead of simply selling your brand upfront. 
  • Invest time, creativity and the right talent pool to create any digital video. 
  • Here’s more if you want to know what kind of videos exactly get crazy conversions. 

Do you want to educate, reinforce or entertain your audiences with a corporate video for your business website in Toronto? 

At Twisted Frame, we’ve constantly been adapting to the new voice of video & consumers’ revised patterns of behaviour.

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