Video Production Companies Toronto

Picking correct video production companies to align with your business strategy or brand can be tricky — especially if your business operates in large Canadian cities.

A quick Google search for video production companies Toronto specializing in corporate animation may return about three million results of about eight companies per page. It’s worth noting that Google gathers all its cached results in the GTA. And will show numerous companies that do not operate within the core city; which may nullify some video production companies closer to your base of operation.

To find the best partner, the smartest internauts must narrow their search to distill the most talented and capable individuals to team up with. After all, understanding your needs is only the beginning of the adventure

There’s a growing need for video production companies offering corporate animation. And many customers prefer to partner with local business located in the same city (or at least reasonably close). Habits are often formed by convenience, and companies that offer a particular service such as corporate animation are most successful by having, and keeping,  a close connection to partners operating in similar locations.

Understanding company culture is key to making great informative corporate animation for training purposes. Just think how much more effective your training video can be, if it’s made by a video production company operating in the same city. Knowing the culture your employees or customers indulge in is key to clear and open communication that’s closer to the heart, and that is something you can bank on. I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying “heart is where the home is.”   

Idioms aside, one of the largest local businesses looking for solid local video production companies, are hospitals, research labs, and medical universities — all three are often in need of incredible and precise medical animation services. A savvy production house should always be on the lookout for opportunities in this most overlooked, always developing, field of research technology and communication.

Many businesses choose to work with production companies based on proximity alone. Having an option to visit a business in person to establish a partnering arrangement is common practice among  business leaders. Don’t let the bliss of interconnection technologies fool you, there is still value in making a connection with business partners in person: one sturdy handshake is worth more that a 100 emails. Don’t believe me? Look into your email box and see how many emails you’ve recently received impressed you, or bettered your well-being. I’m betting not many; maybe even none.    

Twisted Frame has been a leader in medical animation for about three years, and it’s also one of the most trusted production houses for corporate animation. From inception to completion, Its in-house team of strategists, artists, and designers, has crafted some of the most unique and effective videos for most prestigious businesses. The minds behind Twisted Frame deliver your message with passion and excitement, scoring measurable results in the process.     

Author: Tomasz Juszkiewicz