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Emotional Ties to Video Production (Why Should I Care)

By Video Production

Emotional Ties to video production (Why Should I Care)

First off- in order to understand why any size business can benefit, an understanding of what it entails is very important. Anyone can download a basic video editing program to create a promotional video on their own, but a professional video production company offers the highest quality and brand specific content where most necessary. Standing by you from the beginning- planning, script, casting, to the end result, including editing, effects and clipping. All stressors which surround the makings of a video, all knowledge required to act on all steps and ensure the video comes out meeting the highest expectations is met by a professional team.

Facts and figures are an important part of growing a business for consumer knowledge and trust, however when creating a video any brand can impact the base emotionally. Take for example, Twisted Frame’s video production of ‘Why Should I Care’.

It is short and to the point, but creates intrigue. By utilizing highly trained professionals for graphic skills, the proper research and some hard work, Twisted Frame was able to assist the Why Should I Care team in grabbing an audience who is looking to talk about politics, society’s issues, and the world around them. The use of the intense colours, emotions brought upon by the images and impact of the harsh lines and flashes, the audience now can ask, ‘what is this all about’. This is when the audience can become a participant in the contributions of any type of business. Their questions lead to follow ups, click-throughs, discussion amongst peers and essentially the ultimate ‘spread the word’ as the video is easily shared to reach a larger, more viable audience.

With an overall goal to bring each business a larger audience, attention to detail, brand awareness and growth, video production is the way to go.

Check out more information about Why Should I Care  and Twisted Frame Video Production below.


Medical Animation Opens the Door to Understanding

By Medical Animation

Medical Animation

Do you prefer analog or digital? Letter writing, or the quickness and reliability of a text message? Do you prefer the biggest, most grotesquely large television, or is it the simplicity of a good novel you’re after?

We as a society have such a love / hate for technology – we brutally curse it, we praise it. We have all been in the situation of donkey punching our lovely electronic devices, just because it’s stalling for a fraction of a second longer than our attention span. What a patient species we are!

Whatever your opinion is, whether you’re gitty for future (robot slaves?), or afraid of what’s to come (human slaves?), there’s one thing that’s hard to dismiss. Technology has laid the red carpet for some pretty awesome medical advances. Better equipment, better research, better medicine. And it just keeps on coming.

No, it’s not a coincidence that humans are living past the age of wrinkly. Great grandpa is alive and reciting the same boring stories because of the research in the health and medicine industry. For eons, pharmaceutical companies have been mixing and developing medical solutions in their sophisticated caldrons. Now, more than ever, these solutions are coming fast and furious. And thanks to medical animation services today, we as the consumer can see and understand what we’re putting into our bodies.

The power of medicine and Medical video production has opened the once sealed shut door of medical information and true understanding. We’re not smart, not when it comes to medicine, anyway. Doctors are super smart. For years, we were just inclined to just trust what these trained geniuses say. No more! Production companies have cracked the medical code for us. Yes, there is light! Well, there’s animation… No matter how you hack it, it’s pretty awesome stuff.

Why now? CGI and animation is more sophisticated. We can see inside the human body, we can see what that stale slice of pizza you ate last week can do to our insides (PS, I hear it’s not good). It’s animation and video production on steroids. If Arnold Schwarzenegger were an animation, he’d look a little like this video. Look at the flex!

Octapharma (Molecular Method of Action) 

This video – with all of its production, editing, colour and sound correction – breaks down a problem and explains a new solution. Not only does it provide a digestible understanding, but it gets this awesome solution to the masses. More and more videos like these will flood our YouTube watching, our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Be on the lookout, you’ll be happy for it!

The future is bright for the well-being of humans, and we can thank research technology for that. So next time you feel inclined to throw your unresponsive cell phone or bash your frozen keyboard, give these devises a warm hug. Because they are a small piece of a bigger picture, a picture that has saved hundreds upon thousands of lives.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Medical Video Production

By Video Production

We Launch Dream Businesses Up There In The Heavens With Videos That Inspire

We would all agree that competition is getting more intense and the stakes are getting bigger. Meanwhile, technology develops further each single day, and we have already crossed all limits in terms of media, sensations, the video dream, and virtual reality. Where does one proceed now that every option seems to have been exhausted? Shall we simply stare at the heavens and wait for the next fabulous dream to come along?

We create those dreams

Every entity, business, family and even individual commences life and career with a dream. The smallest business in the town believes in the fulfilment of some sweet dreams. Let us explore those dreams together. To communicate, project, share, and dream, after all, is what existence in this world is all about. Things are getting simpler in fact while the world seems to be getting more and more sophisticated. The complexity lies in technology and all that it can deliver, but that is behind the scenes, backstage where nobody enters.  Life is essentially simple enough for a child to understand and we wish it remains that day to retain the intrinsic innocence.

Video Production 

Now that people are getting more and more pictorial, lost in moving images while the printed word seems to be getting old fashioned amidst all that technology, trust Video Production Services to create stunning nuggets of feeling and emotion, putting together all the technical wizardry to create a bundle of joy. We talk it over first and then translate client dreams into a reality that works across the universe, with an appropriate garb for that vision and mission that travels the skies to distant planets.

The new approaches!

Interactive Video Production is the new incarnation. The surfer is important and the customer is king. We are geared towards that nebulous personality of the committed potential customer and our task is to attract with motion and graphics as we create a branding and identity visual talking masterpiece. A clever screenplay for a few moments or as long as desired would project a message that captivates and seems worth the attention. Once the bond is established, the message becomes ingrained in the heart for a lifetime of loyalty. Toronto Medical Video Production companies are constantly ready with a little army of technicians ready to burst into creativity and the visual experience of bonding together a splurging of thoughts, ideas, and emotions.

The healthcare scenario beckons stronger than ever

Since specialize we must in the present day world or perish, Medical Animation has become our forte. Our concern for health services inspires us to take on the media challenges for the medical profession and bring together services from across the continents. Our portfolio brings many perspectives of the challenges we have already accomplished as we wait for the next assignment to emerge out of that frantic system we work with each day. That particular niche full of wonders that have ensured the health of millions seems to us a great investment in the future of humanity.

Medical Video Production processes often keep us busy late into the night as we experiment with more and more technical wonders. The equipment and the software that is nowadays available is truly mind boggling. The surfer hardly understands or wonders what secrets were involved in that video that moved like a cloud across the consciousness. The impact is felt, colors and designs are appreciated, messages received and the subconscious mind processes it all. Somewhere a little impact has been created and thoughts later emerge that end up in some decisions taken.

We accept the challenges of creating competitive videos that would make a difference and ensure that company plans move positively. A global audience is a great challenge and we have learned to satisfy the whims and desires of a universe that does not really understand itself or the surrounding. All that humanity lives for is the present moment and we will garnish that unique flash with painstaking beauty, frills, ideas and emotions that leave a mark. Attention spans last a few brief seconds and that is all the time we have anyway. If we can make a change so soon, we would have achieved our cherished goals.

Video Production

By Video Production

At Twisted Frame, we excel in crafting engaging and path breaking ideas that go beyond boundaries, in order to produce videos that can be watched like ‘hot pancakes’ by your target audiences.