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Video Production: The Past, Present and Future

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Video Production: The Past, Present and Future

Video production has been around for nearly 120 years. As still a very young art, the possibilities for development seem endless for the future.

Starting in the late 1800’s and into the 1900’s, video production was very time consuming and meticulous, with the inability to provide sound or movement of the camera during shots- with the exception of a swivel from its fixed position on the tripod. Throughout the 1900s, the film industry went through a developmental boom. From the introduction of sound, multi-scenes, adding the ability to move the camera for each shoot, and the introduction of floodlights and spotlights to avoid using daylight.

Nowadays, technology opens up the realm of possibility for video production. With the use of High Definition cameras, editing, CGI, colour correction, and other effects like time lapse, the creative options are truly endless.

We Take Pride In What We Do, At Twisted Frame: quality matters. Have a look at our Video Production Portfolio

Twisted Frame uses the latest of all technology to ensure the best service and product is provided. With an array of services and highly qualified staff and detailed techniques, Twisted Frame takes the individual needs of a client and creates individual masterpieces. Anywhere from 3D design, using the latest technology, to recap videos and internet productions, Twisted Frame is here for any client of any size.

With a goal of building and maintaining individual relationships, Twisted Frame presents a unique centre for clients to work and grow with. While taking the time to get to know each client, the individual projects are created specifically catered to them – rather than feeling as if they were in a mixing pot with little attention or individual focus.

It’s time for you to benefit all the advantages of video production!

Enjoy Sex Worry Free - Trojan Awareness Project

Enjoy Sex Worry Free – Trojan Awareness Project

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Enjoy Sex Worry Free – Trojan Awareness Project 

In a time where staying safe has become more important than ever– from the internet, to walking down the street, travel and going out with your friends– it’s always a good idea to bring it back to the basics. Twisted Frame had the pleasure of producing a video for Trojan, the brand who ensures the customer, ‘We’re about helping you enjoy,™.

With access to anyone all over the world 24/7, the ease of travel to see, meet and gain relationships across any country is becoming more common. And though a condom cannot protect you from some aspects that cause a threat, it can protect your body, health and future. Trojan, as part of the adult market, participates in reassuring its customers receive protection over what they are able to control. An STI or STD, can introduce itself into your body and destroy it from the inside out. Most are incurable, and some can go unnoticed for years, and are have the potential to be life threatening.

It is something that you now have to live with your entire life. And sometimes, you are surprised that in 9 months- you now have the responsibility for another new life. Though often considered a blessing, children are not always wanted, or there may be a lack of ability to care for them financially or physically. According to MoneySense, the cost for raising a child is an average of $13,565 per year- almost $250,000- for basic living expenses until the age of 18- without the addition of college, etc. And some become faced with a tough and sometimes morally challenging decision when discovering this news- abortion or adoption.

Trojan and Twisted Frame have highlighted how the party can still continue with the use of a condom. While still receiving heightened pleasure and enjoyment, with a minimal risk of changing your entire life in a matter of minutes.

Enjoy Sex Worry Free – Trojan Awareness Project


Intro Videos for Companies – The New Handshake

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Intro Videos for Companies – The New Handshake

Introducing yourself and your brand online- intro videos – the new handshake.

  • Why an intro video to your company/brand/etc. will only help you
  • Gain your audience by letting them know your style upfront with intro videos
  • Play around with videos
    • Seasons
    • Holidays
    • Moods
  • Linking through video to additional videos, photos, apps, etc.

First impressions are a key indicator of how well a business can run, develop and supply the needs of its customers. A firm handshake is something the business perceives as crucial, especially for a first impression. The difference between now and 20, 15 or even 10 years ago, is the ease of access to information. How does this affect you? Your business?

This means that before your chance to network, introduce and provide that one in a million handshake, you will most likely have already had your first impression–online. The goal is no longer to simply network, meet, and generate clients in social situations; there is now a need to consistently generate conversation online, monitor needs, expectations and overall feedback from customers, clients and other businesses.

As the internet continues to create simpler ways of access to information as quickly as possible, videos are important for grabbing attention. From short Vines or Snapchats, to YouTube and Vimeo, videos are as important as typical brand management.

How can a video help your business make it to #1? Easy! Not only can you create and develop videos that target specific audiences and their needs, but you can also maintain your branding and style in a quick manner, easy for customers or clients to understand. Utilizing tactics that  your clients respond to, such as working with holidays, seasons, moods, themes, and promotions.

After  playing around and making the best video that represents your business, get it on social media. With a fresh look from a video production company, with background knowledge on the latest and greatest and how to reach your audiences, your business will be able to share the information across social platforms.

Video Production Toronto Prepping for School: It's Time to Make the Right Choice

Prepping for School: Campaign Videos

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Prepping for School: Campaign Videos

University/Colleges- Stress, decisions and leaving your best friends and loved ones– is it right for you?

  • Ryerson Video

  • How can you impact the future by leaving for school

  • Things to do before leaving for school (THIS WOULD BE GOOD FOR IT’S OWN BLOG WITH A FUN VIDEO)

  • How you could learn and create something like Twisted Frame

    • Technologically advanced

    • Following the dream

    • Reach for it all!

  • Stress? Here’s some fun videos…

    • Here’s some advice

    • Here’s what we did!

It’s that time of year again- no, not quite Christmas yet- back to school. OK, sure, it is only the beginning of August, but it will be September before you know it. Whether you’re a student getting ready, a parent or a school system itself, the pressure is about to take over.

At this point, decisions to leave for College or University have been made. Hesitations for leaving home, friends, family or significant others can impact the transition from one lifestyle to the next. Getting nervous? Reconsidering your choices? Time to do some research!

Twisted Frame had the privilege of working with the team from Ryerson University in Downtown Toronto make your mark campaign video about their exciting projects which are developing to improve the school.

So whether you have chosen Ryerson, or an alternate school across Canada or the US, it is important to take the time to get to know the school itself. School websites have so many resources in order to connect you with the community. Whether you are looking for apartment rentals, nearby hangouts, social events, athletics- whatever you need- don’t be afraid to move your internet hunting skills to finding out the best way to be you at school.

And, hey, if you are looking to promote your school, department, program or events for school, Twisted Frame is here to help. As a professional video production company, Twisted Frame can provide the highest quality promotional, informative, and visually appealing videos. Check out our Video Production portfolio and contact us with your needs. We are here to help you!


Twisted-frame-toronto-video-production-toronto-Emotional Ties to video production (Why Should I Care)

Emotional Ties to Video Production (Why Should I Care)

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Emotional Ties to video production (Why Should I Care)

First off- in order to understand why any size business can benefit, an understanding of what it entails is very important. Anyone can download a basic video editing program to create a promotional video on their own, but a professional video production company offers the highest quality and brand specific content where most necessary. Standing by you from the beginning- planning, script, casting, to the end result, including editing, effects and clipping. All stressors which surround the makings of a video, all knowledge required to act on all steps and ensure the video comes out meeting the highest expectations is met by a professional team.

Facts and figures are an important part of growing a business for consumer knowledge and trust, however when creating a video any brand can impact the base emotionally. Take for example, Twisted Frame’s video production of ‘Why Should I Care’.

It is short and to the point, but creates intrigue. By utilizing highly trained professionals for graphic skills, the proper research and some hard work, Twisted Frame was able to assist the Why Should I Care team in grabbing an audience who is looking to talk about politics, society’s issues, and the world around them. The use of the intense colours, emotions brought upon by the images and impact of the harsh lines and flashes, the audience now can ask, ‘what is this all about’. This is when the audience can become a participant in the contributions of any type of business. Their questions lead to follow ups, click-throughs, discussion amongst peers and essentially the ultimate ‘spread the word’ as the video is easily shared to reach a larger, more viable audience.

With an overall goal to bring each business a larger audience, attention to detail, brand awareness and growth, video production is the way to go.

Check out more information about Why Should I Care  and Twisted Frame Video Production below.