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3 lessons learnt the hard way in digital video marketing – COVID Times Centric

By Video Production

It certainly is a new dawn. Digital agencies are not only developing upon their existing strategies to turn more effective, but are also keeping the learning ongoing – at a pace like never before. It can seem appalling to even participate in this new world order with day-to-day changing scenarios, quickly changing technologies and shifting modalities to pull through the pandemic. However, its more about holding a willing attitude to learn daily. 

Some of the important lessons are learnt from trial and error. And for this very reason, we thought of saving up some time of our friends in Toronto and share gathered insights with regard to digital video marketing. 


  • “Focus on the message in your video, rather than the platform it will be published on.”


Over 500 million hours and counting of video are watched on YouTube every day. And yet, 64% of marketers see video as the most difficult content to create. Now heres a small chat to have with-your-thoughts. Introspect and review on the below lines.

You must have already spent years making campaigns and deciding which one platform to promote more than the other. Do we go 16:9 or 1:1? Do we allocate more for Instagram or Facebook sponsored posts? 

Think deeply. The overall learning has taken place on the engagement strategies front again and again. You must have masterd the platform-play by now. Kudos! 

But, think deeply again. Laser-focussing on platform is not even the strategy. Thats more of the medium. Your content and ultimate message to communicate is the real deal of the strategy. The message ranks higher than medium.

What should your message be in trying times? 

  • Can your video story communicate as to how you can address their essential needs at such a time? 

And no, you dont have to be an essential brand for that. Your décor items can help better the home-design, and contribute to the new work-from home atmosphere. Your lollipops can uplift low moods arising from being restricted to head to the parks. 

  • Show that you care about your consumers problems. Try to solve their problems. 

For instance, if your brand is a dish-washing liquid. Your brand understands the difficulties involved in multitasking amongst home-chores, work duties, kids and families. Your dishwashing liquid understands this very multitasking pain point. As a result, the technology used within helps remove stains faster. This can help one getting done with the dishes quicker and leave sometime for oneself to relax. Identify what features of your brand truly care for your customer. 

As far as laser-focussing your major efforts are concerned, glitz and glam are bygones. Your message matters majorly. 


  • “You don’t know what exactly will convince your audience to make a purchase.”


83% of marketers think video is becoming more and more important.

But get this ingrained you cannot predict what can convince your audience to make the purchase. You never could, and never can unless you decide to put someone on gunpoint. The billions of changing, evolving and existing thoughts within each individual can only influence him/her to buy the product.

Now, that youve understood this. You will not be afraid to focus more on the digital video making process more than the marketing aim. The aim is always to sell. Done.

Be fearless to focus more on the digital video making process. Here are a few questions which you can ask yourself. 

  • Is interactive video production required to connect remotely? 
  • Will a portion of the audiences watch this video on mute? If yes, explore working with animators and graphic artist in order to use motion graphics/ text play to highlight your Call-To-Action.
  • Do we need to choreograph a catchy step to communicate the message of washing hands for 20 seconds? Loop in experienced music composer to compose the track and lyrical message. 


  • Discover the ‘power of design’


A successful campaign puts its audience before its own brand. So, hacks arent striking human chords. Hiring good design is crucial. 

Akin to how a billboard or pamphlet with good design can easily convey the message and connect to its audience, the same logic works for video as well. The sincerity of the script needs to remain intact. It cannot be overdone to come across as gaudy or tacky. The end communication/ CTA needs to be easy to navigate and click. Ditching half-baked pitches and scripts is necessary to connect with your audiences. Production studios and talent who know their craft will not only make your video, but also retain audiences.

As an ever-evolving digital marketeer in the COVID-era, youll definitely strike a chord with your newly transformed consumer with new needs and roles. 

Lets highlight a few key points before the wrap-up: 

  • Think of your audience first.
  • Ensure your digital video story holds value for your audience.
  • Sell how you can help to solve their worries, instead of simply selling your brand upfront. 
  • Invest time, creativity and the right talent pool to create any digital video. 

At Twisted frame, weve constantly been implementing and adapting to the new voice of video. Lets have a chat as to how your business can communicate with your target audience through our Toronto video production and motion graphic services. 

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Top #3 healthcare video production options in the COVID era

By Healthcare Marketing Video

Globally, one sector that undoubtedly needs great attention is healthcare. The policy makers have already enlisted roadmaps – right from policies and investment geared to ensure healthcare coverage to marginalised sections, health-related sustainable development goals by WHO, increasing occupancy within hospitals, to heightened technology and training facilities for healthcare professionals.

One of the backbones that requires equal attention is digital healthcare. With consumers flocking to seek online consultations, medical departments communicating via online means, pharmacy orders being taken via apps, chiropractors putting out videos on healthy seating patterns within homes; video is one of the backbones to support objectives of the healthcare industry in the coming quarter.

And while most will wonder as to how does corporate video production occur with social distancing guidelines? 

Lets have a look at the top #3 healthcare corporate video production options (all being safe and sound) in the COVID era. 

  • Creative Virtual Production for Pharma Companies/ Clinics

Augmenting a storyline is seamlessly possible by putting together a series of technique so that our physical world can meet the digital world. 

What we exactly do is that we create virtual sets. Using pre-rooted VFX techniques of pre-visualisation, LED walls, lighting, real time compositing; we film things that are almost impractical to film nowadays. 

Say, you need to make a video to showcase your upcoming medical lab/ test facility in Ottawa. Or, youre a pharmaceutical company and want to make a medical video with a storyline about how a vitamin can help boost immunity. And our animator and VFX team is based in Toronto. Its absolutely doable. We will obtain clean plates (essentially clean photos). Now, these will be composited to create stories. We can showcase people walking inside a clinic to get themselves tested, by obtaining clean plates of the clinic. We can showcase how a girls immunity improves by placing her against a green screen in her home. Later on, embed graphics to showcase how the vitamins work on her body. The mundane can be turned into activity, objects can be inserted in/ edited out all from the animators home. 

  • Motion Graphics & Animations for Biomedical Communications 

Motion graphics and animation can take a myriad of styles and pace. Using visualisation, illustrations, icons, textual topics made to work at the right pace crispness and content value can be delivered. Through motion graphics and video animation, life can be breathed into the video from the safety of homes.

Motion graphics and animation can prove valuable for the below 3 segments

    • Doctors
    • Healthcare staff / pharmacies
  • Citizens

We need to understand that in trying times, doctors have to rush when needed. We need to respect their time. Video is the quickest way to show them recent developments in their field –  be it a nutritionist, surgeon, GP or a dentist. The important point to note is that the video must not sway in a sing-song fashion. Keep it to the point! For instance, a supplier is introducing a new equipment to ease problems of dentists. State the current problem statement in hand. State how the equipment is solving the problem. State required features, terms and costs.

With a digitally-driven capsule being injected into almost each department, the healthcare staff too needs to learn new digital ways in a short period of time – right from managing backend, patient histories, online consultations, tracking treatment plans to acquiring medicines – all via online modalities. 

And for citizens like us, its valid as to why a lot of people are feeling hesitant using self-triaging tools. We are very new to using chatboxes to address mental health, especially in uncertain times. Crisp communication and visually engaging explainer motion graphic video can work wonders to ease hesitations and doubts about the digital medium.

  • Medical Training Videos for Medical Students/ Healthcare Staff

Medical institutes are investing heavily in 360 degree videos and VR to support their students medical education. Literature alone, in the absence of practicals, can fall short to communicate modules. Giving a deeper understanding of human anatomy (say, how tissues repair), how to go about incisions, root canals; this technology is bringing great value until students wait to work on practicals. Studies have shown as to how such medical training videos enhance learning by better grades and higher interest in learning. 

The J and K Virtual Reality Centre at Western University of Health Sciences in California and at the University of Nebraska have already opted for imparting these video-inclined learning modes.

Its good to know that the supply of visually appealing video that is high on crisp communication isnt affected. In fact, its necessary now more than ever before. At Twisted Frame Toronto, weve been executing ample of videos for the healthcare sector. Check them out here

Wed be glad to contribute to any healthcare video or motion graphic video requirements that you may have to implement any of the above objectives. 

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Corporate Video Production Spreading Body Positive Stories

By Video Production

Snackable video content establishing self-love in times of COVID

Until not a long time ago, social media had unintentionally gained the reputation of being the ‘hotspot’ that broadcasts absolutely unrealistic body ideals and standards. A negatively-charged hotspot which begins by causing body distress and escalates to mental distress amongst the ones who don’t achieve that ideal. Filling up oneself with feelings of void, self-criticism, fear to face people and slash spirit and self-esteem. 

We all may have experienced this at some point. In fact, while we were filming a positivity-inclined video for Trissa, lot of people shared their weight struggles and in doing so, experienced the self-confidence within themselves. The mental struggles to combat what ‘people think of you’ are disheartening to say the least. A few didn’t even feel like attending social gatherings or getting pictures clicked on birthdays as they couldn’t gather the courage to do so. However, coming before a camera and speaking in itself made a lot of them finally see the amazing person they are! And believe in themselves once again. 

Lockdown Love 

For a long time, there have been attempts to promote body positivity and self-love. Somehow, these attempts are finally bringing visible and noteworthy results during a lockdown. The mental health awareness week is something we need to pledge daily- each week in our lives. 

The period of lockdown has kept a lot of people not just away from grooming salons, but also from setting idealistic, unrealistic standards. We’re noticing how the digital media is in fact finally promoting being absolutely okay with who you are. Messy hair, no makeup and so on; it’s all fine as long as you feel mentally healthy and great about yourself! Self-love is absolutely cardinal everyday, especially during a pandemic. 

Let’s check out the snackable video content that go beyond swanky edit styles. These are videos crafted to empower lifestyles and bring sunshine and positivity for all – Any shape. Any Size. 

  • I don’t care what you think about me! 

The lockdown has literally made people not care about ‘idealistic’ standards _ who cares if you’re the boss and in your pyjamas! No one really. Him? The least of all! Instagram influencers are captivating this mindset to spread body positivity. 

While some are making Instagram videos ‘What strangers say about me’ wherein they are gathering all the hateful comments received across the past years from their feeds. Confronting these comments on video, and turning it around by responding through positive and funny ways. @ChessieKingg did make us smile! 

Some like @supaarwoman are laughing on themselves by making videos lying down ‘Is this a position to shoot a video for an influencer?’ ‘Now, even I don’t care’. 

The communication of these videos is clear. ‘Mah body. Mah rules’. The mental toil caused by society isn’t worth it. 

  • Multiple skills in my superhero kitty 

TikTok has been lately filled with honest traits of personalities, women and men both, sharing the idea that they’re more than their bodily shapes: demanding jobs, managing kids, doing dishes, cooking and the to-do list is endless. It’s okay to wake upto greasy hair, or a pimple – you’re still a superhero! 

A lot of us can relate to how it is to meet job demands, bring up kids, manage families – and realise that we are the exact definition of a ‘superhero’. 

A stream of beautiful images from their day chores and work-from home time; fast paced editing with apt music holds more impact than you think. It’s inspiration served in a video – for everyone who isn’t feeling too great.

  • The honesty to love myself

Mental healthcare always requires a huge element of ‘you’. Empowering oneself to choose themselves. Being kind to yourself, and loving yourself first is cardinal. Only then, can you extend this love to others around you. 

Mental health trainers, holistic wellness coaches and counsellors are putting out video content on their Instagram to empower people at a time when it’s absolutely normal to feel lonely and alone. Choosing ourselves is essential. We can treat ourselves by baking a cake! We need not wait for someone else’s birthday. 

As a brand, what to include in my video to spread self-love?

Successful brands are the ones who do contribute to society at a time like this. Brands can move towards establishing a culture of love and satisfaction. If done the right way, everyone feels good- literally. Make sure your marketing strategy is doing its bit_ be it a tiny step_ in moving towards overcoming challenges for people. 

The reshaped video strategies must focus on:

– ‘Not using the same performance strategy to monitor your new video as you did in December 2019. 

– Monitor whats causing your audiences to feel low today. Is it mental distress? Is it how they feel about themselves? Is it a lot of chores? 

Remarket earlier video footage with new edit styles. 

– And above all, let the video tell how you’re there to help. Say, you’re a pastry brand, you can post a video of how it’s important to treat yourself: cook up a pastry with basic ingredients in your fridge. Now, you make ask ‘Why should I give my audiences the skill to make their own pastry. Who will come to me then?’ If this is your thought process, then you’ve already lost your existing audience as well. The idea is that if you can uplift their moods or help them in any way now, they will remember you and come back to you when normalcy is retained. Don’t you eagerly wait for your mum to cook that exquisite turkey delicacy, even though you’ve tried cooking it couple of times by yourself.

It’s pleasing to see that a lot of brands are moving towards kindness and love. Spreading the idea to practice self-love is a lifestyle, and not just to be retained across a week or pandemic. 

If you too want to explore video options for your brand to spread the love; feel free to reach out to Twisted Frame Toronto for our video production and motion graphic services. Let’s have a free chat

4 ways corporate video production is leveraging telecommunication

By Video Production

You probably wouldnt be reading this blog or that whatsapp message from your partner, if the spirituous power of telecommunication hadnt been established. 

Dont be surprised that there is actually a day in May World Telecommunication Day to raise awareness on the importance of communication in our lives, celebrate its limitless possibilities and bridge digital divides. We all will agree that we couldnt be more blessed to stay connected during a pandemic. 

The power of telecommunication goes beyond bounds now than ever before, and video production is further leveraging telecommunication in phenomenal ways for information to travel across the globe. 

Today, lets check out the top 5 ways in which video production is stimulating the development of technologies. 

  • Leveraging the positive use of Artificial Intelligence & VR

Artificial Intelligence based technologies are rising as a pathbreaking component of applications being used across fields to help people lead better lives by improving healthcare, education, finance, agriculture, transportation and several other segments. Talking about healthcare, in fact in one of our videos Ask the Doctor, we had depicted as to how the future of healthcare is all about bridging accessibility gaps. VR technology opens doors for global access to medical consultation. Anyone, anytime, anywhere: consultation is accessible. 

AI is undoubtedly proving enormous advances and possibilities in an era where physical accessibility is restricted. Thereafter contributing to other ecosystems and bringing in opportunities for computing power, storage capacity, cloud computing and big data. 

  • Rendering Telecommunication to Video Editing 

In current scenarios, the approach to filmmaking has definitely been leaning more on the post production pool. Footage is being created in the post production front through motion graphics and 2D/ 3D animation. 

While manoeuvring with hard disks across studios was absolutely feasible until three months ago; this segment too is resorting to the savviest telecommunication mediums. Transferring files between individual computers has levelled up since a month: high frequency computer networks are making it possible to transfer data between computers without having to use physical media. File sharing via peripheral devices, network topology, tele infrastructure for data security to prevent leaks, boosting internet connections above the echelons, improving storage capacities while addressing cost efficiency are on the development cards for a lot many corporate video production studios in Toronto. 

  • Shooting with Videotelephony

Overcoming mobility issues by being tele-present! As filmmakers and actors are arriving on the floor by hitting join meeting, video conferencing to direct remotely has already been applied now. Brands have leveraged this for their new ad campaigns during the ongoing COVID-period. Ofcourse this lacks a lot of control such as who moves the props? Or the lights?

A revolutionising thought brewing at Twisted Frame explores the technology which invites robotics into video such as moving around the room to guage it, or physically manipulating objects. 

Akin to Telehealth which can include doctors discussing a case over Zoom and going beyond:  a robotic surgery executed through remote means, therapy via digital instruments and application combinations; the same blueprints can be tested into video production environments. 

And not to miss, 

  1. Video communications equipment suppliers

In fact, today morning, I received an email from a camera vendor asking opinions for a certain rig structure which can assist in remote shooting. 

Telecommunication is playing a crucial role in the network of video equipment suppliers probably more than ever before. Edgar Shane of JVC Professional Video showcases how the ConnectedCAM series of camcorders allows for remote production over the Internet (IP). Or, the 1″ CMOS handheld and 2/3″ 3xCMOS shoulder/studio camcorders including the GY-HC500SPC camera; which is equipped with the streaming encoder to send video over the Internet and decoder to receive Return Video and IFB over the very same connection. 

Telecommunications has definitely made life easier and fuller for all of us. And yet, a lot of its power stays untapped. Just a matter of time. Wed love to hear from you if you’ve introduced new ways to leverage telecommunication for your business in the wake of COVID-19. 

At Twisted Frame Toronto, we’ve constantly been implementing and adapting to the new video technology. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to have a chat to understand how your business can tap the new video production technology to communicate with your audiences. 

Vitamin Video: Corporate Video Production shaping up in healthcare

By Healthcare Marketing Video

As I was working out a match-cut edit on footage from past years, my reminder buzzed Time for Vitamin-K. I popped my vitamin and went onto wonder how are videos shaping the healthcare industry

As healthcare clinics invest in softwares to promote telehealth visits and reduce the pressures of people piling up, an immense layout is being chalked out. Healthcare technology and broadband connections are being heightened. Acoustics of rooms are getting soundboarded to negate echoes so that patients can hear their doctor clearly over video conferencing. And, the role of video is taking new shape. By filling in for the absence of human touch, and providing qualities to see, hear and feel; video is modelling into a new vitamin itself.

Vitamin-V, as we call it at Twisted Frame Toronto. Lets delve into the corporate video routes emerging from this vitamin in healthcare utility, marketing and training. 

Health is Personal: Patient Adaptability Videos 

Attempts are being made to decrease the pressure of people piling up in clinic facilities so as to treat the ones who cannot be treated online. This will also help reduce any contagious spread to the frontline staff. So how does video come in? 

Now, with online consultations for conditions that can be treated over the web, health does require a human element.  We need to hear from people who have already received treatment for health conditions others may be looking to address – be it physical or mental health. These arent testimonial videos by clinics to generate business, but adaptability to the new videos to implant new adaptability skills. We all are very new to telehealth checkups. We are all equally anxious and equally open to adapt. 

Videos about real-life people talking about how a certain treatment plan has worked for them. People sharing their honest experiences as to how are their online consultations different/similar to personal visits. This can help people adapt to the newer means when the condition can be treated online. 

VR for medical students

360 degree videos and VR have moved from simply delivering experiential entertainment. Theyre holding something crucial for medical students to impart active learning. A lot of modules cannot be communicated via literature only, and in the absence of practicals. How would one display incisions? How would one explain root canals?

A lot of medical schools are investing in creation, curation and sharing of crucial video content for students to acquaint themselves and not lose out on time due to lockdowns. 

Injecting A New E-Workflow: Healthcare Training Videos

The medical network is truly an infinite galaxy: doctor-nurse, doctor-patient, patient-receptionist, clinic-pharmacy and so on. With a digitally-driven capsule being injected into almost each department, this healthcare network is quick to learn the new skillsets and bridge gaps. Right from managing backend, patient histories, online consultations, tracking treatment plans to acquiring medicines – all via online modalities. 

Healthcare explainer videos are using motion graphics to explain this virtual care capsule launch, depicting step-by-step features of the new soft wares in use. Right from basics of how to log-in to accessing records, measuring samples, reporting histories, tracking treatment plans and placing new medical equipment orders. 

Gaining Mental health with leadership: Videos for the Mind

Its valid as to why a lot of people are feeling hesitant using self-triaging tools. We are very new to using chatboxes to address mental health, especially in uncertain times. Needless to statistically mention, anxiety is the rise. 

It’s crucial for medical leaders across healthcare to connect with the public who can be experiencing depression, or getting anxious by a sneeze. The videos aren’t aimed with a hard-sell motive to accrue services of the said counsellor. It’s more to lend their credibility to treatment plans, conduct clinical e-trails, share symptomology and ultimately help people gain mental stability. 

Its good to know that Vitamin-V isnt short on supply or demand. Wed be glad to contribute to any healthcare video or motion graphic video requirements that you may have to implement any of the above objectives. Reach out for a free chat at [phone number].

PS: Heres Twisted Frames standing ovation from Toronto to all the healthcare workers in this globe. The goal of the healthcare industry stays to serve the health of the society; and they need a standing applause for all their efforts during a pandemic!