Visual Effects and Compositing

Bring Big Screen Movie Magic to Your Brand

Bring big screen movie magic to your brand with VFX and Compositing services that capture the attention with stunning visual effects.

From Pre-Visualization to on-set Supervision

From pre-visualization to on-set supervision, we tell your story with state-of-the-art green screens and 3D compositing, virtual sets, shot clean ups and more.

Construct a photo-realistic environment to fit seamlessly into any scene with VFX and compositing services that affect with effects.

Fit Seamlessly into any Scene
with VFX and Compositing Services

According to VES handbook:
Visual Effects (abbreviated VFX) is the term used to describe any imagery created, altered, or enhanced for a film or other media that can’t be accomplished during live-action shooting. In other words, much of the art of visual effects takes place in post-production, after primary image capture is complete. Visual effects can be added to live-action, captured through techniques such as matte painting; rear- and front-screen projection; miniature or forced perspective sets; computer graphic objects, characters, and environments; and compositing of images recorded in any number of ways. The recent explosion in digital tools that make flawless compositing, digital sets, and fully computer-generated characters possible and accessible to moving image makers at all levels has made visual effects a standard part of every moving image maker’s tool kit.

On the other hand, Compositing is the combining of visual elements from different or separate sources into single images, often to create the illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene.

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Our experts from all areas of the production field converge in creative unity to ideate and share in their passion of delivering high quality content with a final piece that is nothing short of excellence.

Whether it’s broadcast productions, animation, motion graphics, corporate/training videos, music videos, film and title sequences, event presentations or print, our hyper-connected team is up for any challenge.

Brainstorm, plan, create, reach and resonate with a video production company and post video production services that knows how to tell your story.

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