At Twisted Frame, we have a lot of experience in medical video production. Whether it’s medical video production for our local clients here in Toronto, or medical video production for clients in the rest of Canada, in America, and around the world—we’ve seen it all. 

One of the most important things that we’ve learned, though, is to always consider who you’re speaking to. Different audiences are going to be looking for different things. 

Yes, that’s part of why we’ve created a variety of videos for clients: promotional videos, advertisements, instructional videos, and informational videos among others. Different tasks call for different products. An advertisement isn’t going to be appropriate when care-givers and physicians need instruction, and a simple instructional video won’t help marketers and sales representatives. 

But there’s far more to it. Whether it’s sales, instruction, promotion, or anything else in medical video production, what truly matters is who it’s for. You always have to keep the audience in mind. 

Some examples we’ve seen:

Are they physicians and nurse practitioners that are dealing with a new and unfamiliar medical device or pharmaceutical product? Any medical instructional video should be quick, to the point, using an expert’s terms and language. A medical professional’s time is incredibly valuable, especially in a crisis; they need information as quickly and clearly as possible. 

Are they medical device or pharmaceutical consumers instead of professionals? It’s very likely that they aren’t in immediate crisis, so a medical instructional video should focus instead on being as accessible to the layperson as possible. The video should demonstrate as much as it can visually, be easy to scan through if people need to go over something again, and should avoid professional jargon entirely—keeping language simple and accessible. 

(Especially since the user may have English as their second language.)  

Are they sales professionals that are using your medical video production to learn how to promote a medical device or pharmaceutical product? Then your focus is selling, rather than explaining. Every frame should be aimed at showing the professionals exactly how and why your client’s product is the best choice, and giving them the tools they need to get past sticking points, demonstrate the product’s worth, and close the sale. 

Are they your clients’ potential customers? Sure, you still need to be focused on selling. But you also need to be aware of everything that comes with producing medical advertising videos: the need to grab and retain viewers’ attention, the importance of direct and powerful language, and the reality of governmental regulations on medical advertising. You and your client will need to know exactly what’s legal in the target markets, so that your client doesn’t waste their time and money on a video that they can’t use. 

These are just a few of the considerations that we take into account when we’re working with our clients on a medical video production here in Toronto. To learn more about what we do, check out our portfolio and a few of our medical videos, like Ask the Doctor or UrestaReach out to us today at our contact page or by phone at (416) 619-1116.. Come see how Twisted Frame can make your medical video production the best it can be.