‘Not many will dare to share it with you’

Every business has insider secrets. And so does the business of video production & motion graphics in Toronto. 

While everything looks crisp and glossy on the screen, there is a lot of somersaults happening behind the camera. 

So, let’s reveal all the arsenal of tricks up the sleeves of the video guys! 

#1 Unbeatable sound quality

Of course, high-end sound equipment is used on a set to achieve spec-free sound quality. Or, dubbing sessions are conducted. 

However, there have been times wherein video production budgets haven’t allowed for this. So, a makeshift boom mic is used. Attaching the microphone to the end of any tripod. Use the legs of the tripod to lift and sway it like a boom mic. 

#2 Food soooo delicious…. makes you salivate right away

Food commercials make use of a plethora of hacks and tricks to make the food look tempting. 

Seen the ‘delicious steam’ rising from a rice bowl? Most likely, it’s a burning cotton ball hidden behind the bowl, or someone taking a puff from underneath the table. Real steam from the rice bowl wouldn’t necessarily be visible on even the super-premium camera lens, or would die down by the time one gets an ‘OK’ take. It can take multiple shots and time to get the perfect take. 

Another common trick is to use shaving cream instead of whipped cream. The strong lights will melt away real whipped cream even before the director says ‘action’.

Another dirty (literally) trick is to use shoe polish to make those fine, grilled lines on a dish. 

#3 Foggy scenes? Here’s a cheap way to execute 

When it comes to production, certain visuals can cost more. Say, a street full of fog or a bathroom full of steam. While there are fog machines that cost the pocket, here’s one hack. Placing a tea kettle (full of boiling water) below your camera lens. The steam flows upwards and makes the view hazy. 

If you put together the imagination, experience and visualisation with whatever you have, anything is possible to achieve.

#4 Video storyboarding hack

Almost always, there are storyboard artists who sketch every scene. But, there are times wherein the timelines are super tight to execute a project. There might be a video connected to a real-time event. It needs to release quickly to keep the essence intact. You might need to share your storyboard after 6 hours.

There a couple of applications (good saviours) that help you click an angle and convert it into a sketched scene. Of course, this only works if all the scenes can be created/ enacted within your location. For instance, the video is set up in a bedroom. It’s possible to get someone from your team to enact/ pose in a certain way > click > convert to sketch. Repeat this for all the scenes. 

However, if the location is a wild jungle, this hack to generate a quick storyboard might not come to the rescue.  

To get tricks & hacks ‘right’, you need ‘crazy experience’ 

The beauty of all the hacks is that they look seamless on screen. This is because it takes experience to get it right. While it is easy to simply go for expensive equipment which can help you achieve it, it takes experience and visualisation to pull it off correctly with make-shift techniques and items. 

Making video production possible for all pocket sizes

The good news is that corporate video production is for all pocket types. Technology has made the world of video production affordable as well as expensive. One can pick right from simple explainers, motion graphics, 2D, 3D to a full-blown Disney level gig. One can choose from a whole lot of types basis their pocket and yet drive the brand message.

So, no matter what is your pocket size, Twisted Frame is here to drive your message to your customers through the most effective video means.  We got all the experience (and hacks)!