‘Sales’ has taken a new definition, approach and idea altogether. And if your business hasn’t been upto date with the new, powerful and aggressive sales approaches, then you might be finding yourself on the other end of business- the slower one.

The truth is that although ‘remote’ has overtaken the face-to-face approach, clients still need to hear, see and feel your product. This is where video marketing provides for a powerful connective dynamism – with qualities of hearing, seeing and feeling through emotions. 

Corporate animation studios & video production companies are experimenting, revamping and adapting with all kinds of videos for small businesses. 

With the myriad of styles – explainer videos, whiteboard animation, illustration, motion graphics, live-action; let’s find out the real core of video marketing. 

What kind of video marketing really drives a customer to your product?

#1. Video is more powerful within email marketing campaigns 

It’s safe to say that the world is pretty much dominated by video. Not just having a video in a promotional email, but the word ‘video’ in an email’s subject lines receives many more click-through rates than otherwise. 

Now what if you’ve read a long block of text on similar lines? Wouldn’t it be quite different? 

And by different, we mean less impactful. 

  • The characters make it more personal than a text/image based email. A video delivers qualities of hearing, seeing and feeling through emotions. It’s the next best bet to face-to-face meetings.
  • It’s more attractive than a long block of text. It highlights the problems in a relatable manner.
  • It can play on the viewer’s mind even hours/days/ months later – if the narrative holds the right emotions. (And that’s why your sales pitch needs to be powerfully scripted!)

#2. You don’t need to sell products to customers anymore!

Let’s again introspect. Say, you’d like to cook brown rice next week. You open the online shopping browser in order to order it. A ton of brands selling brown rice appear. 

Two important processes have already occurred here:

  1. A lot many products and services are available online.
  2. There are an ample of choices to pick from. 

Marketers need not ‘sell’ to their consumers anymore. It’s about how to get the consumer to pick your product out of the kaleidoscopic ocean of choices. For this to happen, consumers need to ‘understand’ your product in an engaging, receptive or entertaining manner. 

A video helps provide for the three thematic objectives required to help consumers understand a product. 74% people said that if they could see the product in action through an explainer video, they will purchase it. (Wyzowl) Based on your brand, you can choose what can serve best: it can be an entertaining live shot video, or an animated video showing the product in action. 

#3. “Focus on the message in your video, rather than the platform it will be published on.”

Over 500 million hours and counting of video are watched on YouTube every day. And yet, 64% of marketers see video as the most difficult content to create. Now here’s a small chat to have with-your-thoughts. Introspect and review on the below lines.

You must have already spent years making campaigns and deciding which one platform to promote more than the other. Do we go 16:9 or 1:1? Do we allocate more for Instagram or Facebook sponsored posts? 

Think deeply. The overall learning has taken place on the engagement strategies front – again and again. You must have mastered the platform-play by now. Kudos! 

But, think deeply again. Laser-focussing on platform is not even the strategy. That’s more of the medium. Your content and ultimate message to communicate is the real deal of the strategy. The message ranks higher than medium.

What should your message be in trying times? 

  • Can your video story communicate as to how you can address their essential needs at such a time? 

And no, you don’t have to be an essential brand for that. Your décor items can help better the home-design, and contribute to the new work-from home atmosphere. Your lollipops can uplift low moods arising from being restricted to head to the parks. 

  • Show that you care about your consumers’ problems. Try to solve their problems. 

For instance, if your brand is a dish-washing liquid. Your brand understands the difficulties involved in multitasking amongst home-chores, work duties, kids and families. Your dishwashing liquid understands this very multitasking pain point. As a result, the technology used within helps remove stains faster. This can help one getting done with the dishes quicker and leave sometime for oneself to relax. Identify what features of your brand truly care for your customer. 

As far as laser-focussing your major efforts are concerned, glitz and glam are bygones. Your message matters majorly. 

And this exactly why, 2021 is the year for upscaling business via video marketing. 

If you too have witnessed a major business slowdown in the last year, then this is a great time to accelerate sales through the power of video in 2021. Be it to establish awareness, visibility or education for your brand – we can help you pick the right video style & narrative for your audiences. 

At Twisted Frame, we’ve constantly been adapting to the new voice of video & consumers’ revised patterns of behaviour in Canada.

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