Strategy 1: Undo the earlier video marketing rulebook

No brownies for realising that marketing onto digital mediums is not only a viable route but a bullish one in this new era. Feels good to hear about anything being bullish nowadays! As online traffic has escalated, digital advertising through video is proving to be quick, effective and attention-gripping. Studies have indicated that two in three advertisers will shift money away from their TV budget to fund their digital video advertising. 

Being more than a decade in the business of interactive video production, 2D/3D animation and motion graphics in Toronto, we will like to share the five most effective digital video marketing strategies in COVID times. The first strategy being: undo the video marketing rulebook from 2019. 

Strategy #2: Focus on the story primarily. Not on the sale. 

Did you just lose it as you read this sub-heading? You must be wondering that ‘anyways business is quite down, and all of us are frantically trying to make that sale. Well, probably this is why you are ‘frantically trying

Consumers are hesitant to depart from their hard-earned savings during a pandemic. They rather reserve it towards essentials and anything that can bring them value and secure their present day or future. It can be a jar of candy that can reverse their low mood from feeling claustrophobic on some nights; or a personal life insurance to stand as security for their loved ones. 

Consumers need to see the value. If you want your video to be watched and acted upon, craft a story which can show the value to your consumer. How is your product addressing their needs now – needs of safety, health, protecting loved ones, feeling good about themselves, pulling through lockdowns, etc. In one of our videos Ask the Doctor, we depict as to how the future of healthcare is all about bridging accessibility gaps. VR technology opens doors for global access to medical consultation. This need not only apply to healthcare or essentials. If your brand is a chocolate brand, it’s no more about the hazelnuts within. Can it uplift anyone’s mood by a notch on day when you feel like meeting your best friend in a nearby district but cannot? 

Strategy #3: Say real stories. Take down those advertising filters and gimmicks. 

When we made a video for Trissa, we captured stories of real, powerful women with weight struggles. Just by sharing their stories with the world, they found the confidence to believe in themselves once again. In addition, all the other people behind their screen facing the similar struggle formed an instant connect with these ladies. 

Study the daily struggles being faced by your target audience and talk about them in your videos. It can be managing mental health. Or, how are parents managing a work-from-home etiquette while managing kids. Or, something as miniscule as how to manage your day with all the sanitisation activities – cleaning doorknobs, keys, phones, etc. 

Assess as to how your brand can address any of these struggles and more. Tell your audiences as to what your company can offer to them and how can it help with their struggles. The best video ‘connects’ with the viewer who is stuck in a pandemic.

Strategy #4: Video-viewing in cramped apartments. Effective videos without sound.

No, we’re not basing this strategy on the research findings that as much as 85% of video views on Facebook happen with the sound off. We told you- got to undo the earlier video marketing strategy/ rulebook. 

A great portion of the world has to live day in-and-out within a few tiles along with parents, kids, spouses or grandparents around. A lot of people are stuck in someone else’s home and cannot travel back to their home. Sound and noises can disturb the already interrupted private spaces of family members. If your consumer can watch a video, without the need of sound then you’ve definitely boosted the content’s effectiveness. They are not skipping the video due to genuine homely matters. 

Go ‘TECH’ with your video.

Text-play. Text is as important as the cast/characters in the story.

Enticing visuals. 

Call-To-Action. Ask people to subscribe/share/check out other earlier content. 

Headings. Keep the captions clear to read, impactful and vibrant.

Use ‘TECH’ to convey your story clearly and in an appealing manner. In case the consumer turns the sound on, the video can treat them to a relevant music track or stellar jingle. Bonus points earned or the ears. 

Strategy #5: Teach skills to ‘restart’ in your video. 

Job losses, businesses closing down and layoffs have been escalating everyday. Be it with turning more self-reliant and efficient with home chores, or addressing career options; everyone is in the need of new skills or aiming to enhance earlier skillsets to extract maximum potential. 

Evaluate if your video story can equip consumers with skills. If you are a kid’s toothpaste brand, can you teach kids the skill to maintain basic hygiene through a fictional animated video with quirky characters? If you are brand that sells bakery items, can you teach the skill to cook nutritious food through a recipe video? If you are a car-repair company, can you teach DIY skills for automobile maintenance though an instructional video?

At Twisted frame, weve constantly been implementing and adapting to the new voice of digital video marketing. Lets have a chat as to how your business can relevantly communicate with your target audience through our Toronto video production and motion graphic services for the new era. Reach out for a free chat at [phone number].