A sound in the video is what butter is to bread, a necessary add-on. In the world of corporate video marketing, the right kind of sound and music can make your video rank high among social media algorithms. Sadly, it takes a while to find the right beat. 

Thankfully, there’s a solution, and it’s the dear technical AI. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, can help you not only curate the best sounds for your video production but also ensure you have the correct sound quality and format to enhance the output. If you have too many projects over your shoulders and times-a-ticking, then AI sound design and formatting got you covered. 

To help you understand how this works, Toronto video production company, Twisted Frame is here with some tips. Not only is AI of high utility for sound design and sound production, but it also helps out in fine-tuning errors and making your video ready for launch. Let’s check out how. 

#1 Lights, Camera, Music!

When you want to convey a deep and meaningful message, it’s best to add a tune to your tone. Now you might wonder, what’s so important about a great track in a corporate video? 

For starters, music makes your videos more engaging!

Check out this corporate video for X-Cite by Twisted Frame. Here, the peppy beats are what make the video worth watching. What’s more is that it adds more depth to the scenes, making them more understandable for the general public. 

For these, you can either go for royalty-free music or assign professionals to make a branded music track for your company. Either way, your post-production process is where you get better results. 

Using AI during your post-production process can help out further. For example, during this stage, you assign time for fine-tuning the music, editing the sounds, and even adding more bits to missing scenes. All these are time-consuming tasks that make you feel the crunch. 

Cla-la-la rify it! 

With the help of AI, you can streamline these processes and make them more efficient for the team. It’s never a bad idea to try tech to make it clear. Moreover, AI also helps to remove glitches and poor sound design in existing files and makes it top-notch-perfect for your exciting new social media ad campaign! 

#2 Sound Effects Make the Day

Now that you know how music makes your ad, it’s time to learn about sound effects and AI. Sound effects are fun little bits of tunes or real-life sounds that reflect their cause. For example, if your ad has a fun climax with everyone surprised, the sound of glass crashing is quite a giggler. 

Similarly, if there’s a comically sad scene, a trumpet’s toot is an ideal add-on. These are exciting little activities that activate your creativity for a better result. Moreover, these sound effects also make videos more memorable and add the required emotions to each scene. 

So, how does AI come into all these? 

Detect the right thump! 

For starters, AI can help with checking for flaws in your video and point out timestamps that need improving. Let’s say you’ve added an incorrect sound effect in one portion. With AI’s help, you can detect your errors faster and save time in editing out these issues before the launch date. 

And that’s not all, as AI also supports improving the sound quality to make it more crisp and engaging for your viewers. All in all, when it comes to choosing, using, editing, and of course reviewing sound effects for you, AI has your back.

#3 Subscribe to the Subs

Subtitles are a necessary bit for every video. Not only does it help understand the video better, but also a great tool to add for people with hearing disabilities. 

Moreover, subtitles also help to reach out to international viewers with different mother tongues. Not to forget, by adding subtitles, you also show your viewers about your expansive services all over the world. It plays an integral role in showcasing your international and cultural knowledge worldwide. 

Curate. Check. Customize.  

Now, where to add AI to this? Artificial Intelligence is a self-learning software that can curate your subtitles for you by observing your videos, pronunciation, and punctuation timings. Using AI, you can create scripts for your video’s subtitles to make them more welcoming for your global prospective clients. 

What’s more you can use AI to create subtitles in different languages and broaden your view horizon in no time. Thanks to improvement and fast-paced technical progress, there’s less chance of typos and errors in AI-based subtitles. You can always work with your editors to improve the pace of these AI-generated subtitles. In the end, it’s a win-win for all. 

Make the Best of Your Corporate Video with Twisted Frame

In short, AI can help you make interesting sound decisions in your corporate video production. Plus, if you want to hire the best and the most professional crew for corporate video in Toronto and anywhere else, you can always try Twisted Frame. Contact us today to learn more.