Were living in a country where one good video can bring millions of business leads. 

Netflix Canada just hiked prices on its standard and premium plans. The demand for new video content is literally gone up the roof. And how exactly do advertisers and marketers deliver and supply the ‘new’ in video?

The average consumer is Toronto is changing the way he consumes content. Right from the multitude of devises he uses in a day, to how quickly he shifts between channels. Today, the video is way more than 16:9. Advertisers need to be ever-evolving to bring real value to target audiences.

In this light, video production companies and animation studios in Toronto are equipped with pathbreaking technologies to address the ever-changing consumer. 

Let’s look at tips and tricks to use a video for business marketing. 

Tip #1 Do try the 9:16 format

Our smartphone has seamlessly integrated into your life. We do get hyper if we don’t have it around. Don’t we?

It is no surprise that audiences are spending more time online than probably ever before – scrolling up and down their phone screen. 60.3% of video views are from mobile users.

Creating and publishing vertical videos for mediums such as Instagram is a good way to interact. It makes consumers pretty receptive to view in the vertical format. We recently got a video production project wherein we shot the entire video only in 9:16 ratio. 

Tip#2 Explain your service through explainer videos 

With the host of content on our feeds, it is very easy for our attention to divert. Complexity of concept further worsens it. 

Explainer videos are the best bet to sell products and services that can even hold 1% complexity in them. 

How do explainer videos simplify understanding for consumers?

  • Explainer videos bring in emotion and connect through a colorful play of characters, colours and graphics.
  • Explainer videos explain problems and solutions through stories, in an engaging narrative styles as opposed to the long and dragging reading material approach.
  • Explainer videos clearly highlight the key messages and Call-To-Actions. One cannot lose it in a well-made and seamless explainer video.

Check out these gripping explainer videos for BatchPro Connect as well as RBC Mortgage produced by Twisted Frame.

Bay-Lynx BatchPro Connect from Twisted Frame on Vimeo.

#Tip3 Customise videos for LinkedIn 

Imagine you want to set up a store that sells fish.  Heading to a locality that has seafood restauranteurs, chefs, seafood lovers is the hotspot. Isn’t it?

Similarly, LinkedIn is the hotspot for business. 75% videos rate successfully and generate leads. It houses most designations of your clientele. 

In this market, you can choose from several localities.

  • Right from the user profile to feature videos
  • LinkedIn Publisher to upload long-form videos 
  • Or, LinkedIn Native Video

Tip#4 Adopt VR into videos 

Mercedes Benz ran a campaign leveraging WeChat app that allows customers to see a 360-degree interior view of the GLB SUV. 

Brands have a huge opportunity to open up the gates for customers to enter this new digital showroom to purchase their electronics, automotive, gadgets. 

What if consumers could take a world-class virtual experience, tour of a bike right from choosing its s colours (and seeing their colour option on an e-modelled car on screen), to test driving it on multiple terrains. VR and walkthrough videos are making this possible. 3D modelled videos not only depict the products look, but also help customers experience the product. This can be strategized for mixers, refrigerators, mattresses and beyond as its potential is limitless. 

If you’re on the lookout to drive your business in Toronto through video communication, drop us a line at Twisted Frame

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