The algorithm that can make your video editing stand out

By August 26, 2020February 25th, 2021video editing
Video Editing

The invisible art of video editing in the most visible medium of filmmaking


Video editing is often seen as the ‘invisible art’ in the most visual medium: filmmaking. This is a beautiful contrast. Video editing occurs in closed and silent studios. It is so seamless that many may not even take notice of how the clips are stitched together. Now that is the biggest compliment – a highly seamless video editing is the mark of a stellar video editor. 

At Twisted Frame, we’ve enjoyed working with ample of clients across industries of healthcare, medicine, automobiles, housing, lifestyle, etc. Over these years, we’ve built a unique insight of this invisible art called video editing. We’ve seen its evolution with newer technologies as well as its influence on technology and ways of filmmaking. 

We’ve developed an algorithm that can help one reach that echelon of ‘seamless’ video editing. The more seamless, the more it stands out. We thought it will be fun and insightful to share this with you. 

Let’s read on…

Edit on a story, instead of a timeline. 

Don’t take this statement literally. The idea is to tell a story with the aim to communicate all the emotions within. There will of course be a storyboard, but you need to work on an ‘emotion-intuition’ within. 

Your cuts need to work in tandem with emotions and pace. If there is a car chase sequence, the cuts in this scene need to hold pace, intensity and gravity. The cuts cannot appear at the pace of the cuts in an opera scene. 

The basics work on effects, transitions and technical; but the best work revolves on an emotion-intuition within. Strengthen it! 

Be watchful of timing

It is truly said that time waits for none – especially not for plot points. Timings marks significant plot points in the story. For instance, the timing of a joke or humour dialogue by a character. A frame cut before/after that line can destroy the humour. For this very reason, cutting comedies is more challenging than cutting drama-based videos. 

Experimenting with different styles to achieve the same end

One has to accept that there is no fixed route to making you editing ‘seamless’. All the talented editors work with different styles and all of the talented ones do great at delivering a seamless end. If you have watched the movie Baby Driver, a lot of scenes are edited to varied songs. While some cut on music, others cut on dialogues. And some do it in a vice-versa manner too. However, the primary rule is to be in level with the actors’ eyes. The world works on the law of vision and its level. The audience views (and in fact lives) the video through the eyes of the actor. Through eye movement, cuts are worked out. If he sees top to bottom, the cut can follow his gaze. 

Size always matters so watch out for headspace

Keeping the exact required headspace can actually enhance your video. It not only adds to the production value but also establishes your character’s importance. Yes, size matters! Adjust the clip is you feel the headspace is too much. 

Another important point to confirm before you begin your edit is: if those black bands are coming on or not. This will influence head space and help you maintain the correct aspect ratio.

Take (GREAT) care of that footage handed over to you 

A video editor’s role is equivalent to someone being in charge of a heavy treasure box. Video editing is not just a department, but it’s actually the most valuable and treasured part of production. It’s holds great responsibility. All the hardwork and effort right from pre-production to production come onto the editing table. This isn’t just footage. It’s akin to assets. Handling, sorting and editing this requires uber organisation skills. We’ve in fact described the tops ways to edit videos in an uber organised way in our earlier blog

The reality is that it takes time to make this invisibly seamless art stand out. The algorithm is a beautiful amalgamation of theory, practical, technical prowess and a strong intuition to feel the story. 

At Twisted Frame, we’ve an experienced pool of video editors who excel in a myriad of video edit styles. The narrative can change its value with the power of edit. Do you want to engage customers through video-marketing and kick-start business? Let’s have a chat as to how your business can leverage from the different video types through our Toronto video editing, production and motion graphic services. Reach out for a free chat at (416) 619-1116