Take Full Advantage of Video Production-  Be Short, Be Sweet, Be Pretty

Let’s not beat around the bush. Let’s tell it like it is. It’s 2015 and we’re at the height of video production marketing. Companies of every kind are jumping on the opportunity to not only showcase their product, but to provide meaningful information in a comprehensive way.

There’s a lot of noise out there, video production is not a new idea. The trick is to approach it correctly.

Here are some stats:

Americans spend 11 hours on digital media each day. Keyboards shuttering, screens in motion and constant information being passed and received. Americans (and well, everyone around the world) crave instant and effective information. If you want optimize your marketing strategy, digital media is without a doubt the best platform to approach.

28 percent of all online activity is spent on social media platforms. We’ve all been there. Whether you’re a company CEO or a 14-year-old taking a rare break from Call of Duty, idle time is spent on social media platforms. It’s the first and final destination of our downtime. With this, we’ve seen a gigantic rise of social media marketing over the last five years. Any person in business knows that cost efficiency is at the top of the priority list. Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram — it’s all free to use.

How to use video production on social media:

It’s not quite as easy of just filming and posting. One must be mindful of the public’s increasingly short attention span. The video of 2015 has to be short and sweet. And beyond that, it has to be pretty. We need visuals, and the better something looks, the more attention we give. Call it psychology, call is science, it’s a fact. We are attracted to pretty things.

With that said, the perfect formula for social media is a short video that has a lot to say and looks pretty while doing it. Production quality is monumentally important.

Example: Ask The Task Video Produced by Twisted Frame

Ask The Doctor, our most recent client, had a big message. In short, they want to be the most reliable online medical service in the world. How? Innovation. Simple. But the challenge is to put what could be described as a comprehensive message into a 60 second video. Cue the modern day method of video production.

Once your masterpiece video is wrapped up, it’s time to put it to air. There are a few tricks of the digital marketing trade. When posting on Facebook, Twitter, etc., post the video organically. Don’t just throw the link on the page. Posting organically gives the opportunity for more exposure, more shares and likes.

Of course, YouTube is must. If you don’t have a YouTube account already, stop what you’re doing immediately and go make one. If you have to link your video, there’s no link portal that is more credible and reliable than YouTube. On top of that, once you have a few videos in your back pocket, you can start your own YouTube channel. The key is to have all platforms working together for one cause — project growth and awareness.

Let’s recap… 11 hours of each day is spent on digital media platforms in the US alone. There are approximately 350 Million Americans today. The math is incredible. 3.8 Billion total man (and woman) hours is spent on those platforms each day in just one country. And 28 percent of that time is spent on social media platforms. More math… Over a billion hours each day is spent on social media platforms.

The future of marketing is not to be argued. Short, sweet and pretty video production is the smartest, most cost efficient method today, and will be for a long time. That’s where we come in.