The Dolphin Jump Effect’ 

Have you ever sat in a boat or ship? 

As you pass through the sea, the water seems even. It’s difficult to identify a certain patch of water and say ‘This looks catchy’. 

Unless a dolphin jumps out and catches your attention. Your eyes get fixated on that patch of water, eagerly awaiting yet another view of the dolphin.

The world of social media is similar. Unless you create a ‘dolphin jump effect’, it’s difficult to grab the attention of your audience. Especially, that of a high-speed scroller.

Users scroll through sea-like expansive feeds, and your content has only a split second to make an impact. This is where the art of striking social media video production becomes crucial. 

At Twisted Frame, a video production company in Toronto, we’ve dabbled in multifaceted video production for the past 10 years. Creating social media videos that stop the scroll requires an amalgamation of different strategies. Let us share a few with you. 

  • Stir Emotion

Video has an undeniable power – the power to elicit emotions. When you sit to write a script for a social video media, be clear as to what emotion you want the audience to feel. Broadly, you can pick from 8 of the standard emotions. 

Next, it’s about narrowing down. Almost like drawing a graph of emotions. 

This video of Octapharma breaks down the complex problem of Hemophilia and explains the solution through an easy-to-understand video script, editing & production. It aims to elicit concern, empathy, and anticipation followed by relief and assurance.

A video that can stir emotions helps in establishing connections between the brand and the audience. Probably, a connection that didn’t exist before. This takes the audience one step closer to considering your brand and converting. 

  • Stir Motion

Cutting through the clutter is challenging. Sometimes, all you may need to post is a static photo. But that might not be enough for people to take notice. Worry not, add in a ‘dolphin jump effect’. In this case, a touch of motion. 

Adding moving elements or graphics into your picture works like magic. A time-lapse picture also adds dynamic value.

While scrolling along static pictures, a picture in motion stands out. Our team of talented motion graphic artists at Twisted Frame can help you create cinematographs, videos, or GIFs that stop the scroll. 

  • Stir Attention

The first few seconds of your video are important. Users on social media have short (or, should we say super short) attention spans. If your video doesn’t engage them from the start, they’ve likely moved on to the next video on their feed. 

    • Incorporate eye-catching visuals from the start
    • Vibrant colors, or intriguing patterns that make the users stop and take notice
    • Dynamic elements, graphics or special effects that complement your message
  • A catchy hook line or a question such as, ‘Do you want to get rich?’, ‘Are you tired of trying to lose weight?’


  • Stir Engagement 

In comparison to long text-based pieces, visuals make an impact. And no prizes for guessing that many marketers resort to the easy route of accessing visuals – stock images & videos. 

Research from Venngage shows that 40% rely on stock visuals, but only 13% of them state that it helped reach their marketing goals. One can’t find exactly what one wants for their brand in the stock space. At best, ‘similar’ visuals are manageable.

That’s why, many marketers have begun hiring experienced video production studios who can understand a brand’s challenges & goals. Social media visual content is created to engage & interact with audiences. And move towards conversion. 

  • Stir Senses 

Rewind to the 1930s. Radios entertained people. The stories from the radio appealed to the users’ auditory senses. 

In addition to tapping the visual senses of the high-speed scroller, don’t miss out on tapping his auditory senses.

Sound design in videos is an equally crucial step. When brilliant visuals are merged with relevant melodious/catchy sounds, it’s a treat for users. Sound effects and music do extremely well on platforms such as Instagram (reels) and YouTube.

  • Stir Responses

You need to encourage people to interact with your video. Encourage them to participate in video contests, prompt them to like or comment their thoughts, and ask them to ask questions. 

Make sure your video has a clear message and call-to-action. After all, the more people have something to say about the video, the more likely it is that they will share your video.  

  • Stir Understanding

For users who might be at work or in a nosy environment (and yet scrolling), subtitles are a boon. Video subtitles help them know what the video is all about. 

Another study also shows how simply seeing subtitles on a video can slow down the scroll of a user. When it comes to captions, make it interactive. Captions help to engage with audiences. 

We know that accurate subtitles take time. In fact, any video takes time & talent. The thought of conceptualizing, scripting, production, editing, and optimising a video for social media can be daunting. If you’ve faced the same, reach out to – Twisted Frame Toronto’s video production services for social media. 

And how to keep audiences engaged till the stop-scroll-worthy video is ready?

Valid question. Go live! 

YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn – all allow you to directly deliver video content through live-streaming. Be it a message from the founder, event broadcast, how-to demonstration, interview/conversation with a celebrity, a livestream can deliver many content nuggets. 

Live-streaming is a wonderful way to promote transparency. The one-on-one vibe encourages users to engage and even join the stream. This further establishes customer trust & loyalty.

When you’re making your next brand video for social media, evaluate the above 7 points and assess how many aspects are you stirring. Make sure they align with your ultimate brand goal.