It is safe to say that there is some hopeful news. Canada’s 1st COVID-19 vaccinations from Pfizer have been administered to a nursing home worker in Ontario and a personal support worker in Toronto. 

As we enter the post-vaccine era, we all wonder how is it looking for businesses? It’s important to note that we cannot expect to go back to the pre-COVID era. 

Fortunately or unfortunately, a lot of changes have come in. And some are working for the better! By having a work-from-home model, several offices are saving by cutting out expensive leases (spent on huge office space). Microsoft is one such firm to announce a permanent work-from-home for most employees. Self-reliance has increased – right from managing home, cooking, work and kids. Most of us feel more confident about multi-tasking. Businesses have adopted new ways to make virtual sales and its working. Investments in digital mediums are giving great results. Video production companies and animation studios are leveraging the power of remote through motion graphics and animation. 

The truth is that as humans, we all are creatures of habit. The pandemic has given rise to new habits for all of us – and will we break them and go back to our old ways? Or, do we want too?

It’s worth pondering on. As it goes for me, I’ll like to retain the new habits that have made me more efficient and productive. 

Let’s look at some ways in which video marketing is estimated to shape up in this post-vaccine era.


  • Video marketing that speaks real-value 

There still is the lingering concern of gathering in a concert or movie hall. Hence, most will prefer to stay indoors and opt for watching OTT content or scroll on the web. This gives a huge opportunity to advertisers to target their ads onto digital mediums. 

This also bring a huge challenge – shrinking attention of the consumer!

Through the pandemic, too much of content has been created. It is going to be difficult to catch the attention of the viewer. ‘Real value’ is more likely to spell success. If your ad is simply fancy, it may fall flat. Showing real-value by pinpointing pain-points and offering solutions is what consumers are asking for. 

For instance, a ‘cushion’ may no longer work if it’s simply floral and fluffy. Does it provide the required comfort when one is working for extended hours on the laptop?

  1. Rise of motion graphics and animation by businesses 

Here is why businesses will continue to leverage the power of motion graphics to explain their products and services.

Did the grocery store at the corner of the street get an app too?

By now, customers are comfortable using online means to do just about everything –  shop, work, entertainment etc. 

In an effort to acquire new customers and retain old ones, businesses are introducing a digital medium of interaction and purchase. The ones who are already on this route, they are making constant upgrades by launching features to further convenience for customers. But how to inform the customers and clients about this? 

Even though there has been a cut down of on-ground salesforce to go door-to-door and explain how the business or its app works; motion graphic videos are helping say it all. 

At Twisted Frame, we developed simple-to-understand explainer videos for BatchPro Connect as well as RBC Mortgage. Both the videos are solution-oriented and take the viewer through the brand’s portal in a step-by-step fashion. Brand colours are seamlessly used to establish brand identification and connect.

  • Opting for cloud storage

With the creation of new habits, we enjoy the fact that if something can be done through the web or digitally, why spend the time to travel? 

Going to transfer hard disks in person from studio to studio is already spelling like something from a bygone age. 

If you’re a video editor or a client, you will need to opt for the ‘Cloud’ eventually. Storing and transferring media/ files/ footage through networks is the quickest. Do your research and opt for a firm that is reputable and has taken required steps to omit data leaks. Microsoft Azure is a well-known one. 

There are several other remote strategies adapted by video production companies and animation studios which will continue – simply because they are time-efficient and productive. Here’s a quick read specifically with regard to remote video editing: what not to miss out in the post-vaccine era

  • Establishing speedy and reliable network connections

Now, you don’t want a file upload uninterrupted in the Nth minute. Also, you don’t want to interrupt deadlines due to network connection issues.

It is for this very reason that fibre infrastructure is growing as it can deliver reliable gigabit connections. However, it can seem a lot to begin with. But once can at least aim get a head start by establishing certain protocols like PC-over-IP. As the cloud is constantly backing up your work, it will source the work from the local machine in case of an unexpected disruption

No one could imagine that last year could change a human’s mindset drastically. Well, that’s how the script of life panned out. Let’s re-assess your consumer. His demands and priority charts have reshaped. His finances are geared towards essentials, health and wellbeing of family. He shops via online means. He prefers his entertainment at the comfort of his home. If you can successfully address the new consumer in 2021, you’ve hit the bull’s eye. Drop a line to Twisted Frame and we’d love to execute a powerful video for your business objectives in 2021.