Brand awareness is every company’s manna dew. It is the level of trust and reliability you receive from your target clients. Now, with the help of a corporate video, you can improve this awareness in no time!

Positive brand awareness works leaps and bounds to reinstate the reliability of your brand and its services. It also reflects your target client’s loyalty towards you and your company’s investment opportunities.

With the help of corporate video production services, you can build your brand and improve your customer loyalty. Today, we shall look into how much is required and the secrets to improving your brand’s awareness through video editing services. 

How Much of Brand Awareness Does Your Company Need?

There are ways to measure the amount of brand awareness you might need to uplift your company’s identity. You can do it either through quantitative measurement or qualitative measurement:


  • Search engine traffic
  • Likes, comments, and shares
  • Bounce rates
  • Website traffic
  • Number of clicks 



  • Social media management tools
  • Google alerts to check your brand’s mention rate
  • brand surveys to check awareness among clients

Not only can you use these to measure your brand’s awareness, but also calculate how much you need at any given time. For example, you might need more brand awareness campaigns during a product launch than a seasonal sale.  

3 Secret Tips to Improve Your Brand’s Awareness

#1 Make sure your content is original

Your corporate videos should be unique and thoughtful. They should hold viewers’ attention, help them engage emotionally, and adhere to the Call to Actions (CTAs.)

The visuals can be animated or recorded. The idea of a perfect advertisement is limitless. Try to choose the ones that sync with your brand’s dreams, aims, and services. By doing so, you can garner more likes, have more socializing comments, and benefit from multiple shares. 

All in all, it should uphold your brand’s image. 

#2 Work on your brand’s USP

Unique selling proposition (USP) is the action-based message that shows how your brand can solve a relatable problem that your clients face. 

The USP is of utmost importance, especially when you have a new product launch. You can use it to influence your regular clients to invest, and also new ones to choose you over other brands. 

In such cases, corporate animations have immense potential to improve your promotional campaigns and rise above your competitors. So if you wish to show your brand’s necessity in everyday lives, make sure to create the best USPs. 

#3 Know your audience

Create original content, and a perfect USP is only possible when you know your target audience. It can help you ideate corporate videos that resonate with potential clients.

There are many ways to research them. They are through surveys, checking website visit rates, most-clicked products, and reviews. By using these tools, you can create interactive visuals that are comprehensive, simple and show your brand as a reputable investment. 

Try Corporate Videos for Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the bread and cutter for all companies. To put yours on a silver platter, Twisted Frame can help with the best video production services. Contact today for more information!