2021’s corporate video marketing trends are about adapting to the new era of marketing. 

Are these changes permanent? We do not know.

But are they effective? Yes, completely! 

Corporate video production houses that help clients create memorable business shorts abide by these ongoing trends. Not because they are the norm, but because they work. 

So are you a new professional in the industry looking for video editing services to revamp and modernize your client’s B2B corporate videos? Then these tips from 2021 corporate video trends can definitely up your services:

#1 Put customer value over video quality

Why did TikTok suddenly boom as a platform? It is currently more than just a casual video-sharing application. You can find various business ventures promoting their content on this app. 

But, how does a viral video platform help corporate snippets? It is due to the audience’s preference. TikTok traffic watch videos for entertainment and the personal touch. It is less about video quality, perfect lighting, or scripts and more about simplicity. 

Simplicity sells like hotcakes. There are no high productions behind these video shorts. They use the home’s ceiling lights or direct sunlight. The audio is organic, and the content is relatable. 

So if a corporate video production values their work’s reach over quality, TikTok is a great place to boost business. 

#2 Less live content

It is crucial to sit with a client for meetings. However, a lot has shifted to Zoom and Skype & it can feel demotivating. In-person conversations about potential product launches feel more from the heart than digital meetings. 

During this ongoing pandemic, the middle ground is self-service options. Customers love to figure things out on their own. They prefer to research, shop, and invest in a brand by themselves, and not through a video/phone call. 

It is then up to the brand’s marketing team to assess customer experience through their self-service journey. Personalized video messages can also help out this prospective client reach.

A company can send a customized product or service demo to a receiver. The receiver can watch whenever they have the time. Giving the client some space to evaluate a product and not rushing them works wonders in customer retention. 

#3 Build a brand

There are many ways a corporate video can build its brand. It can make the brand look unique and stand out. A properly edited video can add more engagement to the website. Moreover, it can also make the brand ready for social media marketing. 

B2B buyers look for benefits in the products they invest in. They search for relevance, popularity, and a brand’s wow factor. And the best way to portray them is via a brand video. 

They look for low-risk investments into companies that showcase their products to add value to their daily marketing strategies. 

So, if you want a corporate video production company to make a mark on your brand’s project, create a video that can be re-purposed for different social media channels. 


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