Remote Video Editing: 4 Things NOT to miss in this new setup

By August 10, 2020video editing
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Extracting the best for your video out of the remote system. 

How well do we digest change? The transition is never easy but dealing with it and mastering change pays off really well! 

For someone who has always been editing on Final Cut Pro X, it can be quite a daunting shift to Adobe. Or vice-versa. Lets be frank – sometimes, a new software updates can be unimaginable tricky. Now, were talking about a new era shift. Shifting on remote mode of does bring several challenges. However, addressing them in the best way possible can bring newer efficiencies and potential. 

Its estimated that the post production industry holds great opportunity. Market Study Report, LLC indicates that the markets of animation as well as VFX are to witness exponential growth by 2025.

With our journey at being remote so far, weve successfully delivered video production and editing projects that have brought impactful results for the brand. So in order to extract the best in this new set-up, weve compiled a set of pointers to make it easier for you. 

Brace yourself up and see what not to miss while remote video editing in 2020. 

  • Once you get onto the Cloud, don’t miss out on confirming security

If youre working independently or with a company, you will need to opt for the Cloud eventually. Storing and transferring media/ files/ footage through networks is the quickest. 

Do your research and opt for a firm that is reputable and has taken required steps to omit data leaks. Microsoft Azure is a well-known one. 

  • Don’t miss out on investing in speedy, reliable network connections

Going to transfer hard disks in person from studio to studio is already spelling like something from a bygone age. So of course, you use e-transfers. Now, you dont want a file upload uninterrupted in the Nth minute. Also, you dont want to interrupt deadlines due to network connection issues.

It is for this very reason that fibre infrastructure is growing as it can deliver reliable gigabit connections. However, it can seem a lot to begin with. But once can at least aim get a head start by establishing certain protocols like PC-over-IP. As the cloud is constantly backing up your work, it will source the work from the local machine in case of an unexpected disruption

  • Don’t miss out on rethinking library management 

While there may be a lot of footage not possible to shoot; theres a lot that is possible. You can guide the brand to create a library consisting of their entire footage created until now. 

But going a step further (and smarter), you can turn self-reliant. How? Scan and guage if you have any footage of your own (be it in live folders, archived or lying in an old computer). It will of course not only fill in the missing segment, but also you can add a cost to this as well! Envision how each little thing can come together from unknown spots to make your video! Thats what we need to rethink. 

  • Lastly, don’t miss out on valuable subscriptions to save time & money

The inability to physically meet can put bars on certain things. Say, composing music and the back-and-forth that comes along. The remote nature can also extend timelines. If a client isnt negotiable on timelines; then subscriptions can be a powerful tool to possess. 

No doubt, music plays an important role in editing. Annual subscriptions to portals which not only offer novel creatives, but continuously update their library is key. In the segment of music, is one such portal. 

Similarly, if you edit a lot with graphics, you can sometimes download relevant elements from portals. 

Ultimately, the change is for all. And unknowingly, all of us have been blessed with the strength to adapt and unlock new efficiencies. It can take a month or three months to get a good hang of the remote way. But once mastered- it can truly unleash magic. As its truly said; new ways give rise to newer potential within us. 

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