Modern-day online marketing relies heavily on corporate video production. If you don’t have an ad ready for your brand, it’s best to postpone the launch. But can something like AI speed up the process for you?

The more intriguing question is, how useful is AI to corporate video production? Moreover, can it replace humans in the video production process?

Emotion as a code? 

In the last few years, we’ve seen how AI has steadily evolved to curate images from mere keywords and paste a different face on a model. But there’s more to AI. The difference between a human creator and an AI is emotion. That being said, emotion can also be data integrated in. So, should we be scared?

Not without reasons. That’s why the Toronto-based video production unit, Twisted Frame, is here to debunk the myths surrounding AI and its job-taking capabilities. To understand the reasons, we’ve divided the nature of work under corporate video production into three steps.  Without further ado, let’s begin. 

Step 1: AI and Pre-Production

Let’s look at what pre-production holds. For starters, scheduling, logistics, script, and casting are bread and butter. Out of these, AI can help you schedule and work with data to curate the logistics. But each of these steps requires a human touch. Hence, the scope of AI taking over such jobs is of no value.

The audience needs to feel your video, not just see it.

Think about it, you can ask an AI to write you a script. But you’ll need editors and your entire team to inject in the emotions, thoughts, and relatability of that script. 

Is your most-loved show on Netflix written and edited by AI or Humans?

The most comedic and dramatic effects in a script are the brain-children of writers, editors, and producers. These are real human emotions that our brains curate, helping to boost our creativity. Similar to writing, we also have casting.

Your feedback matters.

Only you can judge a fellow human and their relatable talents. Their in-character emotions, comedic timing, facial expressions, and body language relate only to fellow humans. So, only you can convey your reactions to your cast, and tell them if they met your expectations. 

Genuine humane emotions are irreplaceable. 

Meaning, you can utilize AI to streamline your work, but letting a digital algorithm do all your work will render unrelatable emotions and make reaching your audience, a difficult task. 

Step 2: AI and Production

The production process is the most crucial part of any corporate video. Your team has to shoot the video, edit in special effects, strategise background music and sound effects, and brush off the bad bits. 

There are more tasks during this process than pre or post-production. That being said, AI does help in many of the steps. For example, you can use AI for camera control, add effects to the shots, edit different sequences into one video, and more. 

The power of human corrective action.

Thanks to public scrutiny, we often believe that AI will take over such jobs. However, AI can only ease up the process. The rest of the manual labour depends on humans. Only our eyes can see errors in incorrect color gradation, misheard scripts, glitchy background music, and poor lighting. 

The best executioner is the one who adapts in real-time.

Production involves scheduling locations and timings of a ton of people – cast, crew, A-listers and more. Weather conditions can change shoot locations and timings overtime. If only AI could take over this hassle, assistant directors and producers would be able to take more holidays.

AI is that helpful assistant.

What we can do is utilize the power of AI to remove these issues, and re-do the videos for their best effects. Let’s take the example of Share the Air by Twisted Frame, a well-known video production company in Toronto.

It’s man-made and with complete human manual efforts. However, if cut for time, it’s no issue to use the power to streamline the time and effort required for any re-works. 

Step 3: AI and Post-Production

What makes a corporate video authentic is the human effort put into it. And the final result is only possible through professionals. 

Only humans can save bad movies or bring life into raw footage on the editing table.

When it comes to video editing, snipping off unnecessary bits, correcting colours and sounds, and retaking crucial bits, we can only look at humans to get the job done. 

Of course, AI can help out in various aspects. For example, you can use AI to add captions to your videos to make it more easy to follow for viewers. For this, you can use AI transcription tools and translate the script in various languages for social media reach. 

AI can fasten the editing process.

As for lighting adjustments, if you’re short on time, AI can streamline the process and fix the lightning in several shots, giving you optimum results to save your efforts. Moreover, AI also can help identify crucial shots and remove unhelpful bits. So if you’re looking to file the necessary takes to add to your ads, then try using AI.

AI – the cherry on the cake.

Why AI can help is because of its design. AI is trained to mimic humans. However, the psychological aspect of humanity is not a walk in the park. How you understand your audience, is your psyche that you can share with fellow humans.

Take this video from Cadbury India, for example. While the video is wholly man-made, it advertises the power of AI. It’s a great showcase of how we can work alongside artificial intelligence and redefine marketing. 

Check our Twisted Frame for Toronto Video Production

 Sympathy, empathy, and pity, as well as, our understanding of feelings, needs, and demands, work wonders in curating the best ads. 

So, when it comes to storytelling and editing, AI can be your friend and not your competitor. It’s a tool to help you out when you need to curate an ad in a hurry. Remember, technology is part of our system. How you use it depends on your understanding of humans, AI, and their differences. So can it replace humans? No. AI can work alongside humans. 

And if you’re looking for professionals to take up the task of creating your brand image, check out Twisted Frame today.