Stories are required to define any business. 

Brands need storytelling more than ever to connect with their audiences. To be able to reach out, help, and offer services of value; the customer and brand need to connect on deeper levels than mere face-recall marketing. 

Corporate animation, as a style of video, can connect to both – buyers & sellers. Brands and customers. One business to another. 

Today, we will explore how corporate animation is a dynamically versatile tool to achieve growth hacking. 

What should growth hacking through corporate animation exactly do?

Although there isn’t a clear-cut definition or fixed route towards growth in any area of life, we must focus on objectives and goals. 

  • Pull conversion: Corporation animation intended to engage your consumer to stay for a longer period on your site/ channel. The content must be good enough to ‘pull’ your customer. 
  • Push Conversion: The animated video should prompt your customer to take action once they’re fully convinced. 

As a brand, how to go about my corporate animated video?

Successful brands are the ones who contribute to society especially at a time like this. This can be the best time for brands to move towards establishing a culture of love and bonding leveraging on topical events. If done the right way, everyone feels good- literally. Make sure your marketing strategy is doing its bit_ be it a tiny step_ in moving towards overcoming challenges for people. 

– Storylines matter more than ever. Speak of the human element in your brand by working out a story, instead of simply stating facts. Let us a demonstrate by sharing a video we did for Octapharma.

– Create assets that can be used eternally. Such as protagonist characters and artwork. These can be used across stories. The idea to repeat assets is not only to save costs but also to reinforce branding and related emotions into audiences. 

– Pick mediums wisely. Of course, social media is a no brainer. However, B2B portals also hold great potential on topical days like Christmas, Father’s Day, Halloween, etc.

#3 hot spots to embed your corporate animation videos:

  • Portals that mean business

70% of B2B customers watch videos on their path to purchase. Promote your video ad all the relevant portals that mean business (LinkedIn, relevant Facebook groups, business communities).

  • Ad space in the pocket of your customer

One of the best places to embed your video ad is in the pocket of your customer: his mobile phone. More than 50% of people search after seeing a mobile ad. Deriving from this, gather insights on the majorly visited sites through mobile devices by your target demography. A lot of findings exist in the pool range of social media, news or gaming apps. 

  • Robust social media

53% of consumers engage with a brand after viewing a video on social media. Find out which social media portal is your TG spending the most time on. If you’re a fitness brand, are they receptive to watching your ad while being plugged into Spotify? Or, while replicating move-by-move on TikTok.

 ‘Template video strategies’ just don’t work anymore. It’s key to adapt to new changes and new behaviours of consumers. At Twisted Frame, we’ve constantly been adapting to the new voice of video & consumers’ revised patterns of behaviour in Canada.

Feel free to have a chat with us to upscale your business through our video production, corporate animation and motion graphic services suited for your business objectives and customer’s behaviours patterns.