‘United Yet Remote’ 

No one individual, profession or thought leader can break the chain and flatten the curve. A collective effort of all individuals, firms and families is needed to emerge victorious. Breaking the chain is something that can happen when we’re united and yet remote. COVID-19 has got businesses thinking of how to operate remotely and maintain social distancing norms at all times. Even as movement is slowly starting, the idea still remains to avoid mass gatherings. 

Let’s talk of video production. Many safety and cost challenges are yet to be gauged. 

Shooting by putting up a set or a small home by repeated sanitation every hour? Hiring on field crew and talent upto only a certain number? Hiring of actors/ crew members above age of 60? Ambulances/ doctors per shoot when they’re needed more at hospitals? Reimbursement clauses in case anyone unfortunate tests positive post precautions in place? 

So how do we address it in the world of video?

Storytelling isn’t halting. Stories define generations. Achieving visually stunning and meaningful footage to say a brand’s story shouldnt be a worry. The Noah’s Ark to head to: Corporate Animation. 

Let’s unveil the power of corporate animation in the era of social distancing. 

Corporate animation delivers human connect and emotion. 

Making a business sale requires the same approach like earlier: your client must be able to see, hear and feel your product. Sales, marketing and business development teams arent able to go to the field to make any sales pitches. But, clients will still want to see, hear and feel to be able to purchase your services. All this while they cannot even meet you. 

Corporate animation provides for this connective dynamism. 

For instance, if youre manufacturing trolleys, your video now will not just be your earlier corporate video. It needs to go beyond simply showcasing specifications of the trolley the quality, the know-how to manufacture and so on. The animation needs to make a visual sale. Using animation and graphics into the corporate video, such as 3D models of the product to present an in-depth of understanding for the buyer.

Animation wins with a high ‘remote’ score.

Animation is accessible in a remote manner. It holds the power to build a world basis your story- all from the comfort of the team’s respective homes. 

Storyboards, illustrations modelling, asset-creation – all of it can be done from the team’s abode. Infact, even pre-Covid times, a lot of studios would seek support of freelancers who anyway were working from their homes in remote fashions. 

The mass gathering of a crew and protective guidelines to adhere too (along with the cost that bears) is absolutely dissolved when one picks the animation route. 

Animation that is geared with telecommunication support.

Instead of manoeuvring with hard disks across studios, newer telecommunication modalities have already been adopted. High frequency computers speed up file sharing. Its absolutely possible to transfer data between computers without having to use physical media. This is how in addition to the simple and no-brainer ‘Boosted wifi’ approach:

  • File sharing occurs via peripheral devices.
  • Network topology is boosted through routers, cost-efficient packages. 
  • Storage capacities are increased by external servers. 
  • Data security is kept intact with tele-infrastructure to prevent leaks.

Here’s how a corporate animated video brings value and flexibility:

  • For all pocket types. Technology has made the world of animation affordable as well as expensive. One can pick right from simple explainers, motion graphics, 2D, 3D to a full-blown Disney level gig. Once can choose from a whole lot of types basis their pocket and yet drive the brand message. 
  • Animated videos provide significant increase in conversions at a little cost per acquisition.
  • They’re easy to incorporate into social media sites. Simply a link to add in. 
  • Simple to track measurability. No rocket science. 

The new era requires smarter ways to conduct business. Finding how to do so while staying remote can definitely go onto break the chain, and make the world a safer place. 

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