Sony has recently revealed its very own virtual reality add-on called PlayStation VR. And despite the lack of originality in its very standard name, the new addition may spark a flame of intense passion in many gamers’ hearts.

Leave yourself a memo to dust off that PlayStation4 prior October 2016. You read that right. The very underappreciated PS4 still has a bit of roar left in its slick ebony casing. Despite the rumors of a planned PS4.5, it seems Sony decided to develop the new PlayStation VR module for the PS4.

Good news, from a technical perspective, the wait and the rumours were worthwhile. And the doubtful parties may soon learn a savvy business lesson on why you should never disregard an innovative company that’s in the business of making games.

The video production immersion starts with a 5.7” OLED 1080p display running at up to 120 frames per second running at a frequency of 1000Hz, allotted to detect your head’s movement with almost no latency. The virtual reality trip continues with the new Move motion controller, tracked by the specialized camera, while the sound flows through your eardrums spiked with 360 degree sound technology. But enough of the nitty gritty tech specs. Let’s move on to the price …

The VR headset costs $399, a price point that is lower compared to Sony’s direct competitors: Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. But don’t rush to press that pre-order button yet, $399 is just the price of the headset only (along with the main connector and cables). To fully experience virtual reality immersion of PlayStation VR, you’ll need to invest in the motion-tracking Move controller(s) and PlayStation Camera (about $60 a pop). Yes, you need the camera. You can only take the cheap route by sticking with the tried-and-true DualShock 4 controllers.

The hardware — no matter how impressive — is always realized by the available software. Sony promises about 60 titles for PSVR launch. An impressive number. Yet, there is a big difference from a tech demo title, and a fully-realised AAA game. Among many simulator-like titles, the one confirmed exclusive that may plug many indecisive gamers into the PSVR is Star Wars Battlefront.

According to Sony’s official E3 2016 press conference announcement, Sony is partnering with EA to create an impressive X-wing dogfighting game for all the starved Star Wars nerds. Not to strike at your dreams of challenging the Galactic Empire in an immersive, not so far away, virtual reality realm, but from the little that is known, it would seem that the initial announcement this VR venture may be a single mission more akin to a demo than an entire game …

I do hope that someone jolts the appropriate person, and explains to him or her that experiencing the gargantuan Star Wars universum in VR is the winning strike at gamers and non-gamers alike. Maybe Sony’s solid entry into the simulated VR hype realms proves there is true value in AAA VR video game development. And that the X-wing game is not just a one shot in a million.       

Author: Tomasz Juszkiewicz