Netflix Canada hiked prices on its standard and premium plans. What does it tell us? The demand for ‘new’ video content is shooting-high. 

And how exactly do advertisers and marketers deliver and supply the ‘new’ in video?

The average consumer is Toronto is changing the way he consumes content. Right from the many devises he uses in a day, to how quickly he shifts between channels. Today, the video is way more than 16:9. Advertisers need to be ever-evolving to bring real value to target audiences.

In this light, video production companies and animation studios in Toronto are constantly working out ways to address the ever-changing consumer. At least, we are! 

Let’s look at new ways to use video for your business. 

#1 Explain your service through unique explainer videos 

With the host of content on our feeds, it is very easy for our attention to divert. Complexity of concept further worsens it. 

Explainer videos are the best bet to sell products and services that can hold even 1% complexity in them. 

Some tips to make it unique

  • Start with a hook line
  • Breed emotion in your video
  • Use new treatment styles and not the age-old graphic/ geometric figures
  • Use music to give a rhythm to the video
  • Highlight messages in between all the desired drama
  • Don’t forget to put in clear Call-To-Actions

Check out these gripping explainer videos for BatchPro Connect as well as RBC Mortgage produced by Twisted Frame.

#2 Adopt VR into videos (if you’ve the budget)

3D modelled videos help give a deeper experience to the customer. For instance, many automobile companies are using interactive video to display 360-degree interior views.

Brands have a huge opportunity to open up the gates for customers to enter this new digital showroom to purchase their electronics, automotive, gadgets. 

This model can be utilised by electronics, home interiors, medical equipment players.

And if you don’t have the budgets…

#3 Customise videos for LinkedIn 

Imagine you want to set up a store that sells fish.  Heading to a locality that has seafood restauranteurs, chefs, seafood lovers is the hotspot. Isn’t it?

Similarly, LinkedIn is the hotspot for business. 75% videos rate successfully and generate leads. It houses most designations of your clientele. 

In this market, you can choose from several localities.

  • Right from the user profile to feature videos
  • LinkedIn Publisher to upload long-form videos 
  • Or, LinkedIn Native Video

If you’re on the lookout to drive your business in Toronto through video communication, drop us a line at Twisted Frame

We study your business objectives and accordingly advice the best video approach, narrative and format to attract customers.