Hiring a professional video editor for your next corporate video can be a challenging task. Even when you have an ideated draft ready for execution, you might find yourself drowned under a pile of editor applications. 

Corporate video production requires the best minds at work to make your brand identity come to life. So when looking for the ideal video editing service for your business, remember to ask some questions to find out if they are your best bet. Every brand has different ideals, vision boards, and aims, so when looking for an editor who can visualize your dream corporate snippet, these questions can help out:

#1 Will you be able to explain the video in your words?

If you find an editor whose thoughts sync with your corporate video vision, they can work better on your brand video. After explaining your brand snippet idea, ask the potential editor how they would bring it to life. Inquire what resources they would use to bring this idea to existence. 

If they can provide a comprehensive draft that explains your visuals near-perfectly, you already know they are the last puzzle piece to your brand promotion!

#2 How much time can you put into our project?

When they are ready to put proper effort into your video production project, it shows. But it is always best to ask if they are ready for a long-term or a demanding task. Many video editing service personnel can be cryptic about their schedules, making it challenging for you to schedule the work.  

In such cases, opt for the ones who are downright honest. While an editor with a strict work-life balance might seem too off-putting, they are the best for your job. This is as they know how to be punctual, goal-oriented, and caring for their schedules. They usually have a fresh mind while working on your project and can meet deadlines effortlessly. 

#3 Are you ready for teamwork?

It sounds great to have understanding colleagues who can improve your work experience. However, is your potential corporate video production editor ready to work with challenging employees? These can be colleagues who disagree with an editor’s draft. They might suggest last-minute edits. 

While working with such colleagues can sound like a hassle, they are the ones who might end up adding valuable inputs. If an editor is flexible and ready to accept suggestions for tweaks and add-ins, they might be your best option! 

#4 What is your forte as a video editor?

Just like any other job, there are many sub-tasks to video editing. For example, ask them if they have experience in adding proper music or subtitles. Having experience inserting dialogues, fine-tune audios, and graphic design is a big plus for any brand’s video content.  

If they are ready to take on multiple tasks that go into corporate video editing and have experience doing so, they are perfect for your job.


Now that you know what to ask your potential corporate video editor give Twisted Frame a try, and contact today!