Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming favored tools of interaction and sharing. A significant number of individuals use mobile devices to consume, share, and interact with interactive video production and online content on a regular basis.

Marketing is no longer bound to stationary devices such as TVs and desktops. Prudent marketers know,  to be truly effective,  there’s a need to be where the audience is: and the audience is now mobile. Video production departments must be ready to present content customized to the spectators of the new mobile digital era.

Many social platforms now exist on the internet. Connecting to users on popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ is no longer enough to drive a significant return on investment. Establishing a connection to online customers demands not only, great interactive video production, but also solid understanding of how users use mobile devices to connect with each other.

The hard truth is, always connected users who flow in and out of mobile stream of interactivity present a challenge to a lot of marketing departments. Many, often used, online social platforms are not public. Measuring the effectiveness of an advertisement or promotion on such channels is hard. Without proper measuring tools it’s also a guessing game when it comes to knowing the extent of targeted advertising in relation to customers’ likes and dislikes.

It maybe counterintuitive, but many individuals like to share content privately outside of large public social networks. Instant messaging and emailing are popular methods of communication, and both are preloaded with sharing tools. Crafting shareable interactive content is a great strategy to engage users in their chosen digital playground.

When deciding on the best way to begin an interactive video production project, several factors should be noted.

Capture attention, quickly: Find a unique way of holding viewer interest using known tools in imaginative ways. Allow audiences to choose and control the outcome of events. In a promo spot for MTV series Scream, viewers were able to interact with the ad to choose from several branching options. A very fitting and fun exercise in engagement, especially for a show where avoiding the killer by making several quick choices is often utilized by the unsuspecting teenage victims.   

Make it a worthwhile moment: Engaged viewers will want to share their experience and talk about it with others. But, only if the product does not seem gimmicky or cheap. Choosing a video production company known for crafting great looking projects is key. Full production standards are required to make products appealing and sharable.

Choose the right channel: Placing an ad on a huge social network such as Facebook may actually hinder its reach. By following the two previous steps outlined above, a smart move would be to make an appealing product easily carried by word of mouth — which these days means carried by instant messaging and email.
The global advertising market is growing; to extend your influence, plan a smart approach to engage users in creative ways. Achieve this by crafting shareable worthwhile moments funnelled through the right channels.